How to Mount your Optic (Optic Ready Slides ONLY)

Optic ready pistols come with the cover plate pre-installed and torqued at the factory.  We use medium strength blue Locktite on the screws, but they can be removed with hand pressure and a typical hand tool.

Screws require a torx T-10 driver and should be torqued to approximately 10 inch pounds.  If you do not have a torque wrench and are using a typical hand tool, most people describe this as “very snug, but not excessively tight.”

Medium strength blue Locktite is recommended for mounting screws but is optional.  If you choose not to use Locktite, we recommend re-torquing screws periodically and after every range session.  Loose screws can cause zero shift.  If many rounds are fired with the optic loose, thread damage could result.

Your pistol will come with a total of 5 screws.  THE SCREWS ARE DIFFERENT SIZES.  Please note the following:

  1. Cover Plate Mounting: Use 2x 1/4 inch long screws.
  2. Trijicon RMR Mounting:
    1. 1x 5/16 inch long screw goes on the EJECTION PORT SIDE
    2. 1x 3/8 inch long screw goes on the NON-EJECTION PORT SIDE (we add the 3/8 inch screw to maximize the strength of the mount as there is space for it when mounting the RMR. However, a 5/16 screw will also provide adequate strength).
  3. Holosun 507c Mounting
    1. Use 2x 5/16 inch screws.

Call us if you need replacement screws.

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