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One Can. Two Missions.

The Shadow Systems HS923 is a lightweight, modular suppressor optimized for function on 9mm weapons. The suppressor includes a baffle stack extension which is intended for cases when the lowest possible sound signature is required. This means our suppressor is effectively two cans in one—a small format can for cases where compactness is a priority, and a longer format for when things need to be quiet AF.

The HS923 comes with a ½ x28 threaded piston for use with all threaded barrel Shadow Systems pistols, as well as other tilting barrel handguns featuring this thread pitch. The can features a titanium blast baffle and a patent pending end cap which allows the pistol slide to be used as a wrench.

The slots on the front of the Endcap are designed to allow the use of the underside of your slide as a wrench. One set of slots fits CR size pistols, one set fits MR/DR/XR size pistols.