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An Industry First


Until now, every optic mounting design involved a series of compromises. Multi-footprint meant adapter plates, high position, and short screws. Low mounting position meant one footprint only and even smaller screws!

The Shadow Systems patented optic mount is the first to offer a bomb- proof solution with no compromises. The design fits multiple, duty-rated optics without adapters that weaken the connection and require shorter screws.

Do you want to use the optic to rack the slide? So do we. The included spacers key lock into the slide and create a zero fit condition. Giant screws keep the optic where it belongs—on the gun. Best of all, the low mounting position creates a perfect lower 1/3 cowitness with the standard height sights that come on the gun. You don’t need to change the sights to have them work well with your optic.

The Shadow Systems Optic Cut

The Shadow Systems optic cut is the first in the industry to allow low mounting of most brands of red dot optics directly to the slide without the need for intervening plates or adapters, or the use of tiny screws.

Their Screws…

Their Problem…

Our Screws…

Our Solution…

How It Works

*Note about SIG Romeo 1 Pro: If hard use is anticipated, Spacer B can be modified to fit this optic, by gently
sanding the spacer to fit in the rear of the optic.

The Spacers

Our optic spacers create a zero-fit condition with your chosen optic. By removing all play between the optic and slide, the potential for zero shift is minimized under hard use.

Hard Use Tool

Our screws offer very deep thread engagement: No shifting of the optic and strong enough to rack the slide.

Try On Some Optics

The 920 Series has the option of a best-in-class optic mounting cut, which accommodates most major brands of RDS optics directly mounted to the slide, without intervening plates or adapters. Try on a handful of optics here:


Holosun: 407c, 507c, 508-T    |    Leupold: DeltaPoint Pro    |    Shield: RMSc    |    SIG: Romeo 1 Pro    |    Swampfox: Liberty, Justice, Kingslayer    |    Trijicon: RMR, SRO    |    TruGlo: Trutec    |    Vortex: Viper