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Warranty & Returns

Warranty / Returns

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shadow Systems warrants to the original purchaser that the firearm was made free of defects in material, function, and workmanship.  Shadow Systems will address any such defect for the period that the original purchaser owns the firearm.  In cases where a product cannot be repaired, Shadow Systems reserves the right to replace the product with a current production product of like kind or value.


This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to wear items including: Firing Pins, Extractors, Magazine Catch and springs.  This Limited Lifetime Warranty also does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage, or cosmetic damage that does not affect function.


With that said, regardless of whether you are the original purchaser or what your issue is, we will always do our best to support you.  Just give us a call at 469-458-6808 and speak to our Customer Service team.  If required, we will make arrangements to return the firearm or components thereof to our facility for repair or send you a replacement part.

Shadow Systems warranty coverage is voided by:

  • Careless or abusive handling, installation of aftermarket components, alterations or modifications, including those of a cosmetic nature, or failure to perform proper maintenance in accordance with this manual.
  • Use of reloaded ammunition, or ammunition which is overloaded, damaged, or otherwise out of specification.
  • Criminal misuse, negligence, or use while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Under no circumstances shall Shadow Systems be responsible for incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss, injury, death or property damage, whether as a result of breach of this warranty, negligence or otherwise.


This Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to all Shadow Systems pistols, regardless of the date of manufacture. The previous 5-year Limited Warranty has been fully replaced by this Limited Lifetime Warranty for all pistols produced by Shadow Systems.

CALL: (469) 458-6808