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The Most Controllable Subcompact Available

The New CR920P

Control. Capacity. Covert Carry.

The CR920P features a patent-pending mechanism for the attachment of the compensator. Created to be as size efficient as possible, the QD design allows the CR920P to fit into a wide array of commercially available holsters. The design employs a proprietary 3-lug muzzle that works in combination with a centrally located locking lever in the body of the comp.

Despite its small size, the all-steel CR920P compensator is amazingly effective at limiting muzzle rise during rapid fire. Many shooters find the CR920P to be as pleasant to shoot as other, much larger pistols in the Shadow Systems lineup, and certainly more controllable than competing compensated subcompacts.


WEIGHT: 20.0 ounces
HEIGHT: 4.27 inches w/flush mag; 4.79 inches ex/mag
WIDTH: 1.05 inches
LENGTH: 7.13 inches
BARREL: 3.75 inch barrel
CAPACITY: 10+1 flush mag, 13+1 extended mag

TRIGGER: 4.5-5 lb trigger pull
ACTION: Striker Fired
FINISH: Nitride
FRAME: Textured polymer
OPTIC CUT: Multi-footprint

The Shadow systems CR920P features a size-efficient patent-pending compensator that makes it extremely controllable. Add an optic and a light and you have capability that easily eclipses the performance of many full sized options on the market.