MR918 Backstrap and Magwell Features


Your Shadow Systems pistol features the NPOA (natural point of aim) interchangeable backstrap system. Each backstrap is designed to alter how the pistol points to allow you to tune it to your natural sense of where the muzzle is oriented.  This speeds up sight alignment as the pistol is presented to the target and can help you “find the dot” if you are choosing to run an electronic dot sight.


Backstraps:Each backstrap has a letter on one of the circles on the back to indicate its purpose:

  1. H – HIGH.  This backstrap places the muzzle in a relatively high point.  This will point very similarly to a stock Glock.
  2. N – NEUTRAL.  This backstrap places the muzzle in a relatively neutral (midrange) point. This backstrap works well for many shooters and is pre-installed at the factory.
  3. L – LOW.  This backstrap places the muzzle in a relatively low point.  This backstrap works well for shooters who are very used to 1911s.  It is also preferred for those with smaller hands.
  4. Your Shadow Systems pistol includes our pin removal tool for the backstrap and magwell pins.  With hand pressure, you can push out the pins (in either direction) and experiment with different backstraps.
  5. Once the pin is removed, the backstrap is removed by sliding it downward off the rail on the frame.
  6. Your pistol will have the flat backstrap plug pre-installed at the factory.  If you are not using the magwell, you will want to use this plug on the backstrap you end up selecting.  If you are using a magwell, you can set this plug aside for future use.

Magwell: Your Shadow Systems pistol includes a lightweight polymer magwell that enlarges the magazine well for faster reloads.  When installed, the magwell also creates a larger “lip” at the bottom of the frame which many shooters feel improves their grip and control of the gun.

  1. Begin installation by removing the backstrap pin with the pin removal tool.
  2. Install your backstrap of choice
  3. Insert the magwell plug into the backstrap.  Insert the backstrap pin
  4. Place the magazine well on the bottom of the grip by starting on the frontstrap and pivoting the magwell toward the backstrap.  It will “click” in place.
  5. Insert the shorter magwell installation pin.


Note: Many shooters feel that magazine wells can limit your ability to remove a stuck magazine during an emergency.  We have tested this with our magwell and found that the shooter’s hand size, the type of magazine, and other factors can also profoundly impact this.  We raise this only for your consideration and recommend thoroughly testing all of your equipment in a variety of situations.


8 Replies to “MR918 Backstrap and Magwell Features”

  1. Virgil East says:

    My comment should’ve been I purchased my MR918 Elite from Cabela’s on 01/21/2020. The weapon did not come with a mag well or two back straps. How can I purchase these items?


      Hi Virgil, no need to purchase them, they should have been included with your gun. I’m so sorry they weren’t in the box! Please email me at with your address so I can have those items shipped out to you today.

  2. Roman Kralik says:

    Hello Jessica my name is Roman Kralik and I purchase today 3/11/2020 MR918 Elite from Cabela’s in Tualatin Oregon. And I missing the extra back straps and mag well. I contacted Cabela’s and they told me they don’t have them. Is there place in your company website I can purchase the back straps and the mag well ? I will highly appreciate your help.


      Hi Roman, so sorry to hear that! Please email me your shipping address and I will get those parts sent out to you free of charge.

  3. Zach Anthony says:

    I just recently purchased a mr920 and a pin removal tool was not included with the gun. Where can I purchase one?


      Zach, I am so sorry to hear that! Please email me at and I will get a tool set out to you right away!

  4. Nick horner says:

    I just purchased the MR 920 and it does not have the back straps or the mag well. Can I buy them?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Nick, Thanks for alerting us! Those parts are headed out to you today.

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