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Shadow Systems Releases Long-Slide Full-Size DR920L


Las Vegas, NV (January, 2023) – American pistol manufacturer Shadow Systems has announced the release of its newest pistol, the DR920L, at SHOT Show 2023. The DR920L is built on same frame as the brand’s top-selling duty-role 9mm, the DR920, and features a lengthened top end.

Shadow Systems’ DR920L adds a full sight radius 5.3 inch barrel for best-in-class accuracy and control during rapid fire. The long slide configuration soaks up recoil making it the brand’s fastest, uncompensated design. The reduction in felt recoil and improved shot-to-shot recovery of the DR920L gives shooters an edge when accuracy and speed matter.

The DR920L’s frame features configurable ergonomics. Interchangeable backstraps allow shooters to adjust the grip angle to fit their natural point of aim. An extended beavertail and aggressive trigger guard undercut work to dramatically reduce recoil and increase controllability. The frame’s wrap-around grip texture is aggressive enough to keep the gun firmly in the shooter’s grip without being uncomfortable for daily wear.

The DR920L is available only as an Elite model. The DR920L Elite slide features front, rear, and top directional serrations, window cuts, and a thinned profile at grasping locations. The pistol features a 5.3 inch conventionally rifled, spiral fluted match-grade unthreaded barrel.

The drop-safe, flat-faced aluminum trigger has a 4.5-5.0 lbs trigger pull and a crisp, tactile reset. Shadow Systems’ patented optic cut allows shooters to mount the mini red dot optic of their choosing. The optic cut on the DR920L can accommodate most major brands of RDS optics directly mounted to the slide, without intervening plates or adapters.

The DR920L is compatible with holsters designed for the G34. Available immediately at dealers nationwide, the DR920L retails for $1,175. More information can be found at shadowsystemscorp.com/DR920L

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