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Shadow Systems Launches Thread-On Compensator



Las Vegas, NV (January, 2023) – Shadow Systems kicks off the 2023 SHOT Show by introducing a Thread-On Compensator to fit their 9mm pistols with threaded barrels. The Compensator is designed to fit seamlessly with the slide design for the existing MR920, DR920, and XR920 pistol lines from Shadow Systems; it fits all models of these platforms, including Elite, Combat, War Poet, and Foundation Series guns.

The compensator will significantly improve shot to shot times for shooters. When the compensator is installed, shooters feel less recoil. The Shadow Systems Thread-On Compensator uses a rock-solid clamping system for attachment, which does not damage the threaded section of the barrel. Most other thread on compensators on the market can cause damage to the threads of the barrel, while the Shadow Systems Thread-On Compensator eliminates this risk.

The conservatively designed port size ensures reliability with full powered ammunition. The top-side single port limits muzzle blast to the sides of the pistol. The compensator is designed to work with the standard factory weight recoil spring in Shadow Systems pistols, however, a lighter 15 lbs. spring is available if needed.

At last year’s SHOT Show in 2022, Shadow Systems introduced their DR920P pistol with an integrated compensator built in. Since that release, customers have been clamoring to add the Shadow Systems Compensator to their other pistols. The launch of the much-requested Shadow Systems Thread-On Compensator brings to market the strongest clamp-on compensator in the industry and allows all Shadow Systems pistol owners to add the feature to their existing pistols.

MSRP on the Thread-On Compensator is $118 The Compensator is available for sale immediately on shadowsystemscorp.com/compensator and at dealers nationwide.

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