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Shadow Systems Releases Two New Compensated Pistols for SHOT Show 2024

Plano, TX (January, 2024) – Following the success of the compensated full size DR920P and subcompact CR920P, Shadow Systems has announced the release of two new 9mm pistol models that feature an integrated compensator. The compact MR920P and crossover sized XR920P are being released to the public at the 2024 SHOT Show convention in Las Vegas.

Shadow Systems’ lineup began with the compact sized MR920, the company’s longtime best-selling model. The new MR920P takes that popular model and adds a patent-pending, quick detach all-steel compensator.  XR920P adds the built-in QD compensator to the police-favorite XR920 model.

The compensator featured on the two new models, MR920P and XR920P, utilizes the same patent-pending quick detach method as Shadow Systems’ CR920P model, a self-locking and self-indexing method that has gotten rave reviews from customers and firearms journalists alike for its ease of maintenance. This attachment system does not utilize a threaded barrel, making the compensated pistols available in many jurisdictions that have threaded barrel restrictions.

The highly-compact steel compensator adds only one-half inch to the length of the top end of the pistol. This efficient use of space allows both the MR920P and XR920P to fit existing holsters designed for the G17.

Shadow Systems compensators are designed with a focus on reliability; they are meant to be used with standard factory springs and a variety of bullet weights. The compensators featured on MR920P, XR920P, DR920P, and CR920P have all gone through rigorous testing that involved many thousands of rounds without cleaning. The compensators display no loss of reliability and no carbon lockout throughout the testing periods. Test shooters on average reported a noticeable 40% reduction in muzzle rise, though those figures can be subjective to the individual shooter.  The reliability of the Shadow Systems design has resulted in the unexpected selection of some Shadow Systems compensated models for police duty use.

MSRP for the MR920P and XR920P is $1,269 and $1,293 respectively. At street price, the MR920P and XR920P are expected to be about $110 higher than the uncompensated base models of these pistols, a tremendous value for an integral, all-steel compensator.

The MR920P, XR920P, and the rest of Shadow Systems pistol lineup are on display in Booth 41726 at SHOT Show this week. If you are attending the show, go visit the Shadow Systems team in their booth to get a first look at the new models and experience the ease of the quick detach method on these compensated models.

Shadow Systems is a Veteran-owned and LEO-managed firearms manufacturer based in Plano, Texas. All Shadow Systems pistols and parts are Made in the USA with American parts and American labor. Learn more at shadowsystemscorp.com. Follow Shadow Systems on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube @shadowsystemscorp. For MI/LEO/First Responder programs, visit shadowsystemsdefense.com