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What Customers Are Saying REVIEWS & RAVES At Shadow Systems, we strive very hard to produce products that consistently beat expectations and 'wow' our customers. Nothing matters more than customer satisfaction. Here are some examples of recent feedback we have received. FilterProduct Name:AllCR920 CombatCR920 EliteDR920 CombatDR920 EliteDR920P EliteMR918MR920 CombatMR920 EliteMR920L EliteMR920L Elite - Unthreaded Bronze [...] Continue reading

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Find an FFL Purchasing an item that requires shipment to an FFL? Follow these steps to let Shadow's fulfillment team who you prefer to ship to. Step 1: Search for and select your preferred FFL. (If you already know the FFL you prefer to ship to, skip this step.) Click below to open's FFL [...] Continue reading