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Technical Tuesday: Glock Sight Upgrades


What night sights should I get to upgrade my Glock? Should I use a black rear sight? What sights make you shoot fast? What gun sights should I use with an RMR? Should I replace my stock Glock sights?

These are all the questions we are answering in today’s Technical Tuesday video!


It’s Technical Tuesday! This week, Trevor is talking all things sights–what we think works best and why.

A pistol sight system can feel like a very personal choice–not only is there the question of optic or non-optic but then there’s what kind and what height and what colors. We’re going to talk about what we picked, why we picked it, and why we think this is a great solution for most people.

Here at Shadow, we use a serrated black rear sight combined with one of three front sights: green outline tritium, red fiber optic, or black. Our recommended Glock sight upgrade and the most common configuration for our customers is serrated black rear sight combined with the green outline tritium front sight.

Some folks may feel that night sight systems require some kind of illumination on the rear sight. From a practical perspective, we prefer the plain black rear sight for two reasons.

1. You’re paying for it. Since illumination on the rear sight isn’t right for everyone, our production guns don’t come with it, that way if you choose to swap it for our recommended black rear sights in the future, you haven’t already paid a couple hundred bucks for illuminated rear sights that you won’t be using.

2. Adding illumination (dots or dashes) to the gun’s rear sight adds more chaos to the sight picture, meaning more stuff you need to focus on. If you look at the competition world, you will see that almost everyone running iron sights is using a plain black rear sight. This is because the rear sight isn’t something you want to be focusing on; all you focus should be on the front sight. When the gun is cycling fast, it is best to really just have one thing you need to focus on. If you’ve got dots and dashes on the rear sight that you need to try to line up, it does add to the chaos of everything you’re trying to track. The reality is, at night, if you’re scared and dealing with a potentially deadly threat, lining up dots and dashes and shifting your focus back to the rear sight is not the best use of your time. We believe at that point it is as simple as pressing that big green glowing front sight toward the target and pull the trigger and you’re probably going to get your hits.

The reason we like the green outline tritium front sight for a pistol is that during the daylight the green outline provides a nice bright focal point that has the feel of a fiber optic front and then at night the tritium lamp gives the benefit of the glowing green front to give you an index point at night.

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12 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: Glock Sight Upgrades”

  1. angelique says:

    Im looking to purchase lower 1/3 co witness iron sights for my mr920 elite . i have a delta point pro and i cant see my iron sights. can you tell me if i purchase glock 19 lower 1/3 co witness iron sights that itll fit the slide?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      For a co-witness with the DPP, you will need the Ameriglo 5xl suppressor sights.

  2. Isaac Mccartney says:

    For the dr920P I want a fiber front sight. Since that is mounted to the comp will any Glock style fiber front sight fit?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Dawson Precision will make you one, but there aren’t any off the rack that we are aware of that will work.

      .260 is the front sight size.

  3. James says:

    Hi I am running an MR920 with the Trijicon SRO, I recently installed a Jagerwerks BROS shield for the SRO and now I no longer have a lower 1/3rd (cuz the BROS makes it ever so slightly taller). Do you know what sights would bring the lower 1/3rd witness back?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Try Ameriglo 5xl

  4. Edward says:

    Just purchased a founders series xr920. Definitely want a front night sight. What are my options

  5. David says:

    I know the current production front sight is ~.260; but what is the rear height? I’m wanting to match my DR920 sights to a G26 for continuity of sight picture and training.
    Thank you.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Rear Height is .355

  6. Trevor says:

    If I want to replace the front sight on a MR920L with a fiber optic what height is needed?

  7. Frank Tejeda says:

    Was wondering is CR920 sights would work on a Glock 43x mos

  8. Ethan Vagnier says:

    I have a mr920 with a holosun 509t and a dr920 p with a Steiner mps. Do you know which iron sights would allow a lower 1/3 or 1/4 buis?

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