Shadow Systems Fighting Sights (REAR and FRONT)

Shadow Systems Fighting Sights (REAR and FRONT)

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Front & Rear Pistol Sights for Sale – Fighting Sights – Shadow Systems

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We realize that sight selection can be a very personal choice, but with so many brands out there (and potential fit/point of impact variations) we decided it was time to offer sights a stand-alone product.  We call these “fighting sights” because they are optimized for that purpose on OUR pistols and slides.  We have given a lot of thought to our sighting systems and have tested and selected a set up that will give you the best possible performance and value.

Package includes rear sight and front sight.  Select your front sight options below.

Fit and Point of Impact: Perfect fit and point of impact on Shadow Systems slides

Universality: Because our RMRs are so low, these sights give a tight lower 1/3 co-witness while still being a “normal” height. We ship these on both RMR and iron sighted pistols.

Multiple Front Sight Options:  We offer a black serrated rear, a red fiber optic, and green tritium options.  If you are running a dedicated RMR gun, we often recommend the black front as it will reduce clutter in your sight picture and allow you to maximize the RMR.  The fiber optic gives the brightest front sight option under stress and can help older eyes track the sight.  In general, they are great for speed and more economical than tritium, but somewhat limited at night.  The green outline tritium option is sort of the best of both worlds.  The colored outline is a bit like the fiber optic by day and really draws in your eye.  The tritium helps at night, and these sights glow BRIGHT.

Blacked Out Rear Sight:  Yes, we believe strongly in a blacked out rear sight, even for nighttime use.  Search around and you will see many experts agree.  The reasoning: the addition of dots, bars, or boxes to the rear sight hurts front sight focus and tracking under stress by adding visual chaos to what you are seeing.  This makes you slower and draws your attention away from what really matters: the front sight.  “But wait, I need tritium dots on my rear sight to be effective at night!”  We’re not sure it is realistic to expect you’ll carefully line up glowing shapes under the stress of a gunfight at night.  If you press that big bright front sight toward the target under stress, you’ll get the hit.

Emergency Manipulation: The rear sight is dead flat on the front it hooks and racks easily against pockets, belts, pieces of furniture, etc.

The Right Light: There is definitely a “sweet spot” for the amount of light on either side of the front sight.  Less light tends to increase precision, but the sight picture is blocky and obscures a lot of the target.  Too much light and the front sight appears too thin and you loose some precision (harder to consistently center the front).  We’ve thought about that too and carefully designed a combo that will allow you to center punch the paper or make a head shot, but not feel like a blocky target sight.


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Black Serrated, Fiber Optic, Green Outline Tritium, Orange Outline Tritium

1 review for Shadow Systems Fighting Sights (REAR and FRONT)

  1. Taylor (verified owner)

    These sights are a perfect pairing with my Shadow Systems optics ready slide. They sit low enough to be visible as a backup through an RMR but also a good hight to use if the RMR is removed.

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