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The Right Approach to Pistol Modifications, A Three-Part Series: Part 3

This week, we’ve been talking about choosing modifications to your pistol that ensure reliability and performance.

On Wednesday, we talked about choosing modifications that improve handling qualities first, like grip work and serrations. Check out that post here!

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of choosing quality connectors and springs. Check out that post here! 

Today, we will be talking about our final modification guideline in Part 3: Price Does Matter

As a USA gun manufacturer, we work hard to keep our prices reasonable by improving efficiency in our manufacturing, driving for volume, and…well…not being greedy jerks.  With that said, we are not the lowest priced components manufacturer because some folks have taken their manufacturing overseas.  The most common overseas location of manufacture is South Korea.  Some of the stuff they make is pretty decent, but realize the quality control there is just different, as are the materials.  We are not saying you are risking great bodily harm by using an overseas component (in most cases), but we’d be cautious about trying to save a few dollars on a gun you carry or shoot in matches.  Shadow Systems parts are made by red-blooded Americans.  Walk around our facility in Plano, TX and you’ll see a flurry of activity as barrels, slides, triggers and small parts are machined, stacked, and rushed off for plating (before you ask, sorry, no tours). It’s a bonafide U.S. operation, and we are an American made gun manufacturerfull of people who really care if you are happy with your Shadow Systems parts.  Domestic production does mean a little more impact on your wallet, but a world of difference in quality, customer service, and the reliability of your equipment.

Use common sense, be conservative, and don’t try shave that last few ounces off your trigger pull.  Less tinkering, more practicing…


Learn more about our American made craftsmanship and design.

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