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The Right Approach to Pistol Modifications, A Three-Part Series: Part 1

Too often, we see pistol modifications of questionable design, quality, and performance.  As the number of aftermarket parts companies increased, so did the number of parts that make us cringe when we see them on customer pistols.

This week, we’d like to share some general guidelines as you embark upon modifications to the gun.  There are three principles to get you started:

  1. Improve handling qualities first – that’s handgun grips, slide serrations—the parts you touch to operate the pistol.
  2. Cheap connectors and light springs are the fastest way to compromise reliability.
  3. Buy quality U.S. made parts—if it’s cheap, it’s usually not from here.

Today, we will be talking about Part 1: Improve Handling Qualities First

The highest payoff modifications (in terms of performance improvement) are those that enhance the handling qualities of the pistol.  By handling qualities, we mean how the pistol feels in the hand during the recoil cycle, how easily the gun can be manipulated at speed, particularly the slide, and how certain modifications can improve accuracy when shooting the handgun.

Most factory pistols, especially Glocks, are endowed with “wet 2×4” ergonomics that are not doing you any favors during rapid fire.  This is why handgun grip stippling and trigger guard undercuts are so common in the custom pistol market.  These modifications improve traction and lower the pistol in your hand which lessens muzzle rise and speeds up your shooting.  This is also why the MR918 frame is so fundamentally different than a stock Glock grip.  So, start here with your gun mods: wraparound grip texture, undercut trigger guard, front and rear aggressive cocking slide serrations.  You will notice and benefit from these modifications far more than from a lighter pull or replacement barrel.


Explore Shadow Systems custom grip work and stippling.

Learn more about slide serrations.

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  1. That’s interesting that some pistol grips can help your deal with recoil and other factors that affect accuracy. My brother is into guns, and he is always looking into ways to improve his aim. Maybe I’ll have to get him s grip for a gift so he could improve.

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