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The Shadow Design Story

Designed by
Shadow Systems

At Shadow Systems, our design team is made up exclusively of exceptional shooters from a wide variety of shooting backgrounds, including combat veterans, law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters. Having seen and shot just about every option out there, we’ve carefully created products with the features and reliability that we’ve always wanted in our own guns. Owning a Shadow Systems MR920, MR920L, DR920, or XR920 will ensure you have the very best pistol money can buy.

Unparalleled Features

Shadow Systems pistols are changing the industry’s perception of value. What you get in a Shadow production pistol is second to none.

Shadow Systems in the Field

In Action

The world’s highest value pistols…designed, built and tested by our nation’s front line protectors, for every man and woman, for any carry situation.

Our philosophy on reliability is that “a 4 lbs. bang always beats a 3 lbs. light strike.” Therefore, reliability is a prerequisite to everything else that we do. From there, we look to add features that enhance your ability to deliver rapid, accurate, fight-winning hits under stress. We don’t just talk about reliability, we test for it too. We want your custom designed handgun to perform to your needs and standards. We have tested every one of our products in multiple roles (carry, combat, duty, competition) and in every environment (muddy, wet, icy, with gloves and without).

We have packed our pistols full of dirt, mud, and muck and made sure they’ll still deliver multiple magazines. Our triggers are drop tested and carry safe. In short, we assume that every gun that leaves our facility will be used to protect someone’s life.

I am more than impressed with everything at Shadow Systems as far as quality and attention to detail.

Bryan R.

The Shadow Design Story

Designing a


At Shadow Systems, the design of your handgun has a purposeful intent that permeates every decision that goes into the craftsmanship of the gun and firearm part.

It takes over 10 people across all fields to design and develop a Shadow Systems firearm.

It has taken many years of meticulous testing and failure to perfect our custom firearms parts, and ultimately deliver on the Shadow Systems MR/DR/XR platforms.

Designing for Extreme Reliability

We are proud of our military and law enforcement heritage, and it shows in our over-engineered approach to each and every detail in our products. Each decision we make is a love letter to our customers on the front line who require extreme reliability. A team of field-based law enforcement and military veteran employees work together to influence the design and capability of the entire Shadow Systems product suite. Every product is meant to be used and abused, in the field, in the most demanding situations. We have an unrelenting focus on reliability and customer service. As a gun manufacturer in Texas, each Shadow Systems product is proudly assembled in Texas, USA, with an uncompromising fit, finish, and materials.