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Technical Tuesday – Proof Load Testing

Today, we are back out on the range for Technical Tuesday. This week, we are taking you behind the scenes for one of the tests we do for every new firearm, the Proof Load test. Here, we are testing proof loads in the new CR920. Proof load testing has been around since the days of cannons; we continue that tradition to ensure that all pistols can handle a lifetime of use and abuse by the end user.

2 Replies to “Technical Tuesday – Proof Load Testing”

  1. Karl F Bosshart says:

    Do you offer a way to search your technical archives with a keyword search? I would like to quickly locate a technical topic by name. The search window located above the ‘Blog Post section’ does not work. I’m using a Surface laptop running Windows10. (could be useful info)
    Clicking on each year and trying to find a given topic is not a functional way to search for articles…!
    I’m trying to find an updated list of recommended optics that would fit my XR920. Maybe some new ones were introduced at Shot Show 2022? Talk to your web developer to find a way to OCR and index the content of the archives.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Thanks for the input, Karl! We are working on improving our search functionality. In the meantime, you can find a list of optics and the screws and spacers we recommend here.

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