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Shadow Systems Introduces a Pistol with Integrated Compensator, the DR920P

PLANO, TEXAS – January 19, 2022

Shadow Systems, the Texas-based pistol maker, has announced the release of their DR920P, a full-size pistol with an integrated compensator. The built-in compensator does not make use of a threaded barrel, which makes it compliant in jurisdictions that have threaded-barrel bans.


The DR920P is built on Shadow Systems’ full-size DR920 frame, packing a full 17+1 capacity. The comp and slide are machined to give a single-piece appearance, while the novel design allows for rapid removal and attachment of the comp for cleaning. The patent-pending integrated compensator aligns automatically without the need for set screws or other friction devices. The DR920P’s front sight is mounted directly on top of the comp, for faster shot-to-shot tracking.


The DR920P, which fits G34 holsters, comes complete with the features that have made Shadow Systems so popular. These features include an aggressively textured frame with interchangeable backstraps that adjust the point of aim, a flat faced trigger, and a match-grade, spiral-fluted barrel. The DR920P is offered with the Elite model slide, which includes front and rear directional serrations, a weight-optimizing window cut, and Shadow Systems’ patented multi-footprint optic system. The optic cut allows for direct-to-slide mounting of most major brands of red dot optics, without the need for intervening plates or adapters.


The DR920P joins the Shadow Systems lineup among popular EDC staple the MR920, the full-size duty-ready DR920, two crossovers the MR920L and XR920, and their newly released subcompact CR920. Shadow Systems pistols are manufactured in the United States using American labor and materials. The shooter-first design mentality at Shadow Systems comes from their team’s real world shooting background. The veteran-led Shadow Systems team includes former law enforcement officers, members of the military, and competitive shooters.


About Shadow Systems
Shadow Systems Corp. is a privately held, Plano, Texas-based manufacturer of premium firearms and firearm parts. Each product is designed and manufactured in the USA by a team of Veterans and former Law Enforcement Officers. Everything is engineered to be used and abused, as real hard-use tools should be.

More information on the company can be found at shadowsystemscorp.com. Information on LEO/Mil Programs can be found at shadowsystemsdefense.com. Dealer Support can be reached by emailing dealersupport@shadowsystemscorp.com.


Find Shadow Systems on social media:  IG: @shadowsystemscorp  FB: /shadowsystemscorp  YT: Shadow Systems Corp


57 Replies to “Shadow Systems Introduces a Pistol with Integrated Compensator, the DR920P”

  1. Daniel says:

    When will this be available for sale?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Later this summer!

      1. Scott Stockmyer says:

        We need this before 7/1, so ppl in WA can get the magazines for it before ban goes in effect:(

  2. Wyatt says:

    Did I hear correctly that there will be a threaded version of the comp? My War Poet would LOVE to try that on. Lovell mentioned a CR920 War poet, when might that be released? Thanks!

  3. Dan’L says:

    Are the slides Glock compatible? Will you be selling the slide and barrel assembly separately from the DR920P frame for states like California where this pistol can’t be rostered so we can use them on Glock frames?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We do not sell slides separately.

      1. Trenton Walker says:


        Can you let me know how to purchase the DR920P slide separately?


      2. Jessica Roe says:

        We do not sell slides separately. However, we will be releasing a thread on version of the comp later in the year that you can add to your existing pistol.

  4. Derek says:

    What kind of estimated price range could we be looking at for the DR920P?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Starting at $1099

  5. Robert S. Licata says:

    What ia the compensator and why is it useful?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      A compensator works to reroute gas as it is expelled from the barrel to help the muzzle remain stable. The built-in compensator on the DR920P takes our already extremely flat-shooting DR920 pistol and makes it shoot even flatter–you have got to shoot this thing to feel what I’m talking about!

  6. shaun says:

    I guess I can stop looking for the perfect comp for my MR920.
    Any word on when the threaded comp release date?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It should come later this summer.

      1. David Creveling says:

        Any estimate on msrp? Deciding between dr920p or mr920l. Deciding between built on comp but 10 rd mags ( in Colorado) on dr920p or 15 round on mr920l threaded and add comp later. More info is always helpful.

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        DR920P pricing starts at $1,099.

  7. Brian says:

    can it be pre ordered

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No, we will not be doing preorders.

      1. Brian says:

        Will they be making a compensator kit that can be purchased separately.

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        There will be a thread on version of our comp that will be available for folks wanting to add it to their existing pistols.

  8. Danny Carrier says:

    Will the new DR920P only come with elite slides? Or have options for combat slide, optic cut, non optic cut etc. like the other models?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The DR920P will only be available as an Elite configuration.

      1. Randall Franklin says:

        Will there be a fde finished version of the DR920P or any of the other DR920’s?

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        FDE DR920s are out on dealer shelves now! We do not currently have a plan for FDE DR920P, but never say never!

      3. Randall Franklin says:

        Thanks for responding

  9. Frank Schmieder says:

    Until the new DR920 is available, what compensator do you recommend for a threated?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      A lot of folks like the one from Herrington Arms.

  10. john says:

    do I need to send my DR920 in to get the new “P” slide and barrel/comp assembly fitted or is it a drop in?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It is a new pistol offering. However, there will be a thread on version of the comp available later this year.

  11. Angelo says:

    Will it come in bronze barrel configuration?

  12. Brandon B says:

    Any plans of making an actual Glock 34 style variant? I would love to get the DR920P but in USPSA compensated guns are only allowed in Open division and not allowed in limited, carry optics or production. I have been hoping there will be a glock 34 variant in the works.

  13. Brandon B says:

    You guys should also look into building a compensator into the slide thru slide cuts like Sig is doing on the P365xl spectre. That would compensate without actually having a comp attached on the barrel. This would be a good work around for USPSA division and some IDPA.

  14. David Williams says:

    The Herrington Arms comp is phenomenal. It takes the already flat shooting SS and makes it better….. if you can believe that’s possible. I’ve got one on a MR920 Elite, and an MR920L Elite.

  15. Doug says:

    Will you need to shoot heavier loads(124/147gr) to actuate the compensator?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Will run with 115-147 although best with hotter stuff in any weight.

      Generally, the lighter the weight, the more powder, the more gas, the more efficient the comp, so we would recommend 115 or 124.

      1. Doug says:

        I have been running mine with 100gr. Frangible Speer and Federal Ammo. 1300FPS+ AMAZING!!! Flat, Soft and Accurate!. More gases more better! I received my DR920P on Monday 5/16/22, put a Timney Trigger in it and started running it and by Friday the 20th, I put over 1K rounds through it, right out of the box, no issues, no malfunctions. Couldn’t stop shooting it. I have a second one on order.

  16. Sean says:

    Is there a waiting list or a notification list for the thread-on comps for the MR920 release?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No waitlist yet. It will be later this year.

  17. Michael Royer says:

    The DR 920p barell is it 5 inches or longer ? I have a DR920 threaded barell and it is 5 inches which I put on a comp. Shoots much better than I can,

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The barrel length is 4.48″ You can find full dimensions here: https://shadowsystemscorp.com/dr920p/

  18. Rizaldy Jimenez says:

    I’m waiting for this,G34’s young brother.LOL…For how much?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Starts at $1099

  19. Kevin says:

    Will the new threaded comp be offered on a xr920 or will it only be offered as an accessory?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The thread-on compensator will be available as an accessory that will fit on any of our threaded barrels.

  20. Barry says:

    Will shadow systems be manufacturing any .40 or .45 calibers in the future, or just stay in the 9mm realm?

  21. Juan gonzalez says:

    Where can I buy that compensator for my xr920?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We will have a thread-on version of the comp that will release late this year.

  22. Josh k says:

    Is this compatible with timney triggers? If so gen 3/4 or gen 5?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We do not recommend switching trigger components in our guns. While they are mostly compatible with Gen 4 Glock parts, switching trigger components can create an unsafe condition. We cannot offer warranty service on firearms with non-Shadow Systems fire control components.

      1. David Williams says:

        Is it safe and functionable to put DR920P slide, barrel and spring assembly on a MR920L frame ?

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        A DR920P slide will function just fine on an MR920 frame.

  23. Robert says:

    Can I get it in blue?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      That’s not currently a color we offer.

  24. Frank Grimes says:

    Hope the size of the top port of that comp is too small for an expended shell to go in.

  25. Kaylen bell says:

    Can the dr920p slide function on a Glock frame if so which version is it most compatible with

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