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A Subcompact That Shoots Like a Full-Size, the Shadow Systems CR920

PLANO, TEXAS – January 18, 2022

American handgun maker Shadow Systems has released its much-anticipated subcompact pistol this week at SHOT Show 2022. The new product, called the CR920 is a subcompact that is designed to shoot like a full-size pistol. All the shootability found in the rest of the Shadow Systems product line is now ultra-concealable in the CR920.


The Shadow Systems pistol lineup includes sizes for every possible role including the full-size DR920, compact MR920, and two crossover offerings: the compact with full-length top end MR920L and full-size framed XR920 which features a short top end. The CR920 now rounds out that lineup as the micro-option, ready to hide under a spring wardrobe. The CR stands for Covert Role, which has been long requested by Shadow Systems customers. The CR920’s capacity can be 13+1 with a patent-pending basepad or 10+1 with a flush magazine option.


The engineers at Shadow Systems were tasked with the ultimate balancing act in creating a subcompact that is actually nice to shoot. Historically, shootability of subcompacts has been a bit of an afterthought, but the CR920 shoots like a full-size pistol, while concealing into holsters made for G43X MOS /G48 MOS. The CR920 weighs in at just 17.8 ounces.


Packed into this concealable package are all of the standard Shadow Systems features, like an aggressively textured frame. The slide features directional serrations in the front, rear, and topside (for Elite models). Steel sights with a tritium front grace the topside of the slide, where Combat Optic and Elite models feature the patented Shadow Systems multi-footprint optic cut. The optic cut on the CR920 allows for direct-to-slide mounting of most brands of mini-RDS optics, including the Shield RMS and Holosun 507k. The CR920 has a match-grade, spiral-fluted 3.41-inch barrel, available in Shadow Systems’ customary bronze or black nitride.


Internals feature a stainless-steel guide rod and a drop-safe, flat-faced trigger. The trigger has a 4.5-5.0 pound trigger pull and a crisp, tactile reset. The CR920 ships in a zippered pistol rug with two magazines: a 13+1 capacity magazine and a flush 10+1 capacity magazine. CR920 will be available in Combat, Combat Optic, and Elite models, with MSRP starting at $679.


The CR920 is manufactured wholly in the United States using American labor and materials. The veteran-led team at Shadow Systems includes former law enforcement officers, members of the military, and competitive shooters. This diverse background contributes to Shadow Systems’ unique design philosophy of building pistols with features based on real-world shooting experience. Every Shadow Systems pistol is designed to be highly reliable and easy to shoot well right out of the box.


About Shadow Systems
Shadow Systems Corp. is a privately held, Plano, Texas-based manufacturer of premium firearms and firearm parts. Each product is designed and manufactured in the USA by a team of Veterans and former Law Enforcement Officers. Everything is engineered to be used and abused, as real hard-use tools should be.

More information on the company can be found at shadowsystemscorp.com. Information on LEO/Mil Programs can be found at shadowsystemsdefense.com. Dealer Support can be reached by emailing dealersupport@shadowsystemscorp.com.


Find Shadow Systems on social media:  IG: @shadowsystemscorp  FB: /shadowsystemscorp  YT: Shadow Systems Corp


212 Replies to “A Subcompact That Shoots Like a Full-Size, the Shadow Systems CR920”

  1. I currently carry a MR920 and for a lady it’s quite tough to conceal with out layers. I will be first in line to pick up the NEW CR920. I look forward to putting it through a few thousand rounds to see how it holds up. If it’s anything like my 920 I’m sure it’s 5 stars.

    1. Van Moffatt says:

      Love my MR920 too. I’ll be in line right behind you for the CR920

      1. James Cassidy says:

        Me too friends. I love the company and I carry my mr920 combat daily, just as it was the day I bought it. Im looking forward to getting a cr920 with a optic. Shadow Systems seems like good people. Reading their warranties is proof of that. Perfection is now perfected. ‘Merica!

      2. James Cassidy says:

        Me too friends! I love the company and I carry my mr920 combat daily, just as it was the day I bought it. Im looking forward to getting a cr920 with a optic. Shadow Systems seems like good people. Reading their warranties is proof of that. Perfection is now perfected. ‘Merica!

      3. EJ Henson says:

        Same here. I love my MR920 and everyone who has shot it is also in love with it. I already have a buddy of mine who owns a gun shop on the lookout for when this drops so I can get one. I’m excited to add this as a carry.

      4. Bert Griggs says:

        If I’m trying to sell ANYTHING I try to tell EVERYTHING I know about it, they ain’t one word about the calibers of this gun, nothing.

      5. Jessica Roe says:

        It’s 9mm. The “9” in the name “CR920” is the caliber. Our naming convention is so the CR920 is the Covert Role 9mm 2020. I apologize for not making that more clear in this press release.

    2. Harlyi says:

      I love my MR920 I have the all black but I love the new fde black scheme I really hope they make the fde black for the CR I will buy two no questions asked

    3. Robert says:

      Like you, I was so impressed and happy with my MR920 that I couldn’t wait to get one of the new CR920’s.
      Wow, was I wrong!
      This thing failed to feed at least one out of three rounds with four different brands of ammo. I took it apart, cleaned it, lubed it up, tried it again, same result.
      The accuracy is horrible! With the exception of an old 380 I had, this is the most inaccurate pistol I’ve ever shot. At 20 feet it’s spraying rounds all over the target with no grouping at all.
      I’m totally disappointed and would never trust this pistol to protect my family or myself.
      I put three hundred rounds through it yesterday, cleaned & lubed it half way through, and it performed like a piece of crap.
      I’ll be trading this in as quickly as possible. What a disappointment..
      Not what you would expect for the price range.

      1. Jessica Roe says:

        Robert, I am sorry to hear about your experience. That definitely is not how the pistol should be behaving. Could you please email my Technical Team about this at support@shadowsystemscorp.com so that they can diagnose and fix the issue?

  2. Anthony Triffet says:

    My only question is does the CR920 accept the sheild arms 15 round magazines designed for the Glock 43x or are the magazines specific to the CR920? This is the biggest question I have regarding this firearm and will determine if I purchase the CR920 which I have been eagerly awaiting.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Not without a magazine button change.

      1. EL says:

        Does this mean Glock brand 43X mags would work with or without a magazine button change? Just curious for qualifications. Thanks!

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        With a magazine button change, they should work, though we should note that it has not been tested.

    2. PH says:

      Proprietary mags
      That said my S15s have been unreliable =(

      1. T. Bush says:

        I agree. Im glad Trevor and team design their own design. My s15 ran great until around 550 rounds and then i would get a ftf.

    3. Bill says:

      They won’t work they said shadow systems makes the mags and there proprietary

    4. Lee Samuelson says:

      no. the grip length is 43 not 43x so the shield mags will not work. so with the flush fit 10 round you have a 43 grip length.

    5. Pat Scott says:

      No. It uses proprietary magazines.

  3. Jason Kearns says:

    Does it except G26 Magazines or G43 magazines?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The mags are proprietary.

    2. Nathan Hughes says:

      Rather than just stating it is a proprietary design, here is a break down. The CR 920 is similar to the G43X, it will not accept the G43 mags as the 43X does not accept them. Also, the G26 is a double stack so does not fit the single stack profile of the G43 like design.

      1. Mark says:

        Incorrect, the cr920 is designed closer to the 43 not the 43x.

  4. Wes Earley says:

    When can I pre order?

    1. Jessica Roe says:


      1. Ryan Garcia says:

        How much is it going to be?

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        Starts at $679

      3. BRADY CRAIG says:

        What about the CR920 in WAR POET edition? When will it be released?

      4. Jessica Roe says:

        Later this year.

  5. Ty miller says:

    When will this be available to purchase

    1. Jessica Roe says:


  6. David Cook says:

    When can I order the CR 920 Elite?

    1. Jessica Roe says:


  7. Josh Nemcosky says:

    Will this work with g43x magazines

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Not without a magazine button change.

      1. Darrell Kutsch says:

        Will that be available?

    2. Lee Samuelson says:

      no grip length is 43 not 43x.

  8. Warren Corbin says:

    CR920. Great looking hand gun competitively priced can’t wait to field test it. The best is its made in the US with American labor.

  9. Michael says:

    When will it be available to distributors & MSRP?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Springtime with pricing starting at $679.

      1. Herbert says:

        Do you have a set price for it for the military program already?

  10. David says:

    Will the striker control device fit on the CR920?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No, the backplate is at an angle for all Shadow Systems pistols.

  11. Aaron Beaulieu says:

    Awesome introduction. Is the barrel still made from 416 Stainless steel like the MR920? and all the other variants.

  12. Chase Buford says:

    For the cr920, will the flush magazine include a pinky extension baseplate as a part of the package or is it only the one baseplate?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It will ship with one 10+1 flush magazine and one 13+1 extended mag that has the baseplate installed. You will be able to purchase additional baseplates if you’d like to have both be extended.

  13. Barry Morgan says:

    I’ll be needing one of those!!

  14. Eric coppock says:

    Do you have the height spec for the cr920? Looks about 4 inches? Thanks!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Length: 6.37 inches
      Width: 1.05 inches
      Height: 4.27 inches with flush fit mag and 4.79 inches for extended base pad

  15. Hank Bergeron says:

    The new CR model seems great. I’ve been hoping they’d come out with an EDC model.

    I haven’t been able to find the actual dimensions. Is this based on a Glock 26 or 43? I’ve heard it fits the 43 holster, so I’m assuming roughly the size/weight of a 43, but it would be nice to see the actual size and weight specs.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Here are exact dimensions.
      Length: 6.37 inches
      Width: 1.05 inches
      Height: 4.27 inches with flush fit mag and 4.79 inches for extended base pad

      1. Hank Bergeron says:

        Thanks! Nice size!

      2. Mark says:

        It’s over 1 inch wide?! Sounds like it’s more of a 26 size then a 43 size. The 43 is less than an inch wide. Very disappointing.

      3. Jacob says:

        No mark your wrong the g48mos is 1.10” the 43 is 1.02”!the cr920 is 1.05” it’s less then the 43x and 48mos… a 26 is 1.26”…. The package you get is far superior to anything glock has and in order to even be competitive you have to spend 1500-2k to get there… nothing disappointing at all here negative Nancy… but you do you big fella! I’ll stick with SS as I have since the OG MR918 elite! have carried daily since they came out and is still my go to favorite hands down!! I also have the War poet. I cannot wait to grab a cr920 for THE PERFECT EDC… plus their customer service/warranty smokes every other manufacturer period! I would completely suggest that you do some research and evaluate before making silly statements and misinformed opinions and spreading misinformation, ESPECIALLY IN THE AGE OF SIRI & google search… just pure laziness. I digress… thanks SS for another slam dunk release!!! The real ones appreciate all the R&D and know what’s what… you know those of us that actually own several… I like my glocks too… but I love my SS’s!

  16. Frank Duffee says:

    I am interested in getting a CR 920. Want to get on a list or what ever.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      They’ll be available at dealers in the spring!

  17. Eric says:

    Will the CR920 be available with a bronze threaded barrel?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      There is not going to be a threaded barrel option. The barrels will be offered in both bronze and black.

  18. Robert Cox says:

    For finding a holster for the CR920, what make and model of firearm does it come close to?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The CR920 will fit holsters designed for the G43x and G48.

  19. Brandon says:

    Will Jessica Roe reply to this comment? 🙂

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Sure will! Have a nice evening!

  20. Doc Hanley says:

    Who will be the first to sell or will it be direct from manufacture ?
    Just want to know who I need to be nice too

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It will be available through all of our distributors and dealers in the spring!

      1. King Miller says:

        I sure hope that pesky groundhog doesn’t see his shadow!!! Will that help matters Jessica?!!!

    2. DJ says:

      What color ways will you be offering it in at launch?

      1. Jessica Roe says:

        Black frame and slide with either black or bronze barrel

  21. John says:

    I will be selling my 365 for this

    1. Christian says:

      I foresee a lot of Glock 43s will be in the used market soon. This sounds like the gun the G43 should’ve been if they knew the 43X would be as popular as it is.

  22. Scott Spier says:

    Looks very nice! This could cost me.
    What is the weight with an empty 10 round magazine?
    The magazines are metal, not polymer coated, correct?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      17.8 ounces and yes, the mags are metal.

  23. Ernest Moore says:

    When will spare 10/13 round mags be available for purchase? What is the expected MSRP the spare mags?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Spare mags will be available at launch. We do not yet have the final pricing for them.

  24. Ernest Moore says:

    What is the optic/RDS footprint in the combat optic/elite? Or is it a plate system (like MOS)?

    1. Ernest Moore says:

      Nevermind, apparently my reading comprehension is terrible at midnight.

    2. Jessica Roe says:

      It will be our patented multi-footprint optic cut. The cut will fit the new generation of micro sights such as the Shield RMS and Holosun 407k/507k.

  25. Steven says:

    Can you make this in a 43x size frame eventually! My hands are too big for a standard 43 size frame.

    1. Joel says:

      This needs answered for me as well!!!

  26. Lee says:

    Will this wear the same iron sights as the full size lineup of pistols or will this require a smaller profile?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The front and rear sight in the CR920 are smaller than our full size sights, the larger sights won’t work on the CR

  27. Dylan says:

    I like the 13+1 option, was and/or is there any talk of extending that to 15+1 with a larger extender?

    1. Andrew Cramer says:

      I 2nd this question, it seems that since this is shorter than the 43x we could conceivably get a 15rder that would make it the same height of the 43x. Since this is also lighter and shorter than the 43, if we are able to get 15rd and 20rd mags in the future, it will be better in every way than Glocks subcompact lineup and should be more reliable than shields mags to boot. Sadly, if 15 rounders aren’t on the horizon, and 20 for that matter, the 43x with vetted s15s still is needed. Still though I see this gun putting a load of used 43s on the market, including my own. Bravo shadow systems this gun is exactly what I’ve been dreaming someone would come out with.

  28. Timothy Jones says:

    Given this CR920 model has a rail for lights, and smaller dimensions than both the G43x&G48, will this be a better fit for Glock 43x MOS holsters, or Glock 48 MOS Holsters? And what are the presumed compatible Weapon lights/optics?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It will fit holsters for either 43x or 48.

  29. Samuel Moody says:

    I hate to ask, but is this only available in 9mm? Thanks!

  30. Jay P says:

    Will there be a Magazine Pinky Extension for the 10 round CR920 magazine ? My concern is possible printing for the 13 round magazine. Either way, I’m going to purchase one upon release. Keep up the great work !

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We will likely have a non-capacity increasing basepad that will allow for a bit of a pinky extension.

  31. Walter says:

    I see weight in the article. Where can one find the other dimensions like height, length, width, etc.? Thanks!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Weight: 17.8 ounces
      Length: 6.37 inches
      Width: 1.05 inches
      Height: 4.27 inches with flush mag; 4.79 inches extended
      Barrel length: 3.41 inches

  32. Kelly Coy says:

    Proprietary Mags, you all just lost me as a customer. I was so excited to see that you all were finally making a sub-compact. Been waiting for that ever since I got my 920 and it used all my g19 and 17 mags. Then you go and make it with proprietary mags instead of taking Glock 26 mags…so f%$#ing stupid! By Shadow Systems, been nice knowing you! Anyone interested in buying my 920?!

    1. EL says:

      You do realize this gun is between the size of the 43 and 43X right? A Glock 26 mag could not possibly fit.

      1. James J says:

        Though I think Mr. Coy’s comment is harshly worded I agree with his sentiment. I visited this page to get intel on what I thought would be a highly upgraded G43x as my first foray into Shadow Systems (“SS”) product line up. After having recommended SS to a friend who bought the DR920 Elite, I’m regretting it. As a Texan I also want to specifically support SS because they seem to be great people with great products. This suggests a major disconnect somewhere in the organization. I would rationalize it was a rush job for Shot Show but the proprietary magazine suggests otherwise. Either engineering didn’t talk to Business Development & Marketing or worse: a private equity party decided that for EBITDA growth they needed to try for the long tail in the distribution of gun parts; perhaps something to do with the entity the video referenced which requested a “covert role” model. Without appropriate communications in place before this hit Shot Show I think this will cause some if not material reputational harm. Ms. Roe has probably been given the difficult task of managing the fallout. Ms. Roe, instead of responding to comments I would suggest the testing is completed on both slide and magazine compatibility and a one-pager made to detail specs, work arounds etc. to mitigate customer concerns. If the SS team can rejigger the line away from proprietary mags that would be the best outcome though I imagine with thousands of units in production you’re going to realize a loss either way. Best of luck.

      2. Matt M says:

        Yep. I love this company. Gives the customer what they want (unlike Glock) at a decent price. My mr920 has been stellar. My 48 mos with s15’s had intermittent failures. Can’t wait for the cr920.

    2. Todd says:

      For everyone that uses shield mags in their 43x this argument doesn’t make sense to me because you’ve already decided that you’re okay with it for the rounds. I’m thinking that these mags will be cheaper by alot than the shield mags as well.

    3. Chris says:

      Well I hope it didn’t break you! The nerve of SS trying to make money.

  33. Brandon Lambert says:

    Is the frame the same size as a 43 or 43x?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It is roughly between the two.

  34. David says:

    Will the tolerances of the CR920 allow G43/43x and other after market 43 slides to be compatible on a CR920 lower or will it only operate with the propriety slide?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The 43/43x slide should theoretically fit, but we have not done any testing to confirm.

  35. Conrado Zamora says:

    Will they make one with s manual safety?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We do not have manual safeties on our guns. The trigger safety is the only external safety.

  36. Mike says:

    Will the HexWasp work on this unit?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Yes the Hex will fit.

      1. Andrew Cramer says:

        Jessica do you know which screws and spacer are to be used with the wasp? I used the smaller spacer and the cap head screws and I got it nice and tight but the front of the optic seems to have just enough of a gap for light to come through.

        I just want to make sure im using the right combo before I hit the range. Thanks for your time!

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        We have not tested the Wasp yet. You may need to experiment for best fit. Let us know what solution you find.

  37. Joe Wells says:

    Jessica Roe, you are the best! So patient with repeat questions…
    Does no one read the comment chain before asking a question?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Just you and me!

      1. FJB says:

        I’ve read to this point

  38. Ryan Garcia says:

    Available in spring? What’s the starting msrp?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Yes, this spring! Starting at $679.

  39. William says:

    I already sold my SIg 365 2 holsters and 4 magazine. I purchased a OLIGHT BALD S and Holosun optic just ready for the CR 920
    2022 going to be a great EDC Carry year

  40. Andrew Cramer says:

    Is the base model optics ready or just iron sights?

    If the base is iron sights only what will be the MSRP of the cheapest optics ready model?

    Will there be extended magazines greater than 13rds in capacity in the future by any chance?

    Thank you so much for your time jessica! I cannot wait to be an SS customer and will likely be buying an mr920 soon after the cr!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Combat (no optic) will start at $679. Combat Optic will start at $739. And Elite will start at $799.

  41. Dave C says:

    Any future plans for a grey/black two tone color? Maybe Sniper grey or Gun Metal grey?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      There will be a grey-framed, Damascus slide version of the MR920 later this year. At launch, the CR920 will have a black frame and slide only.

  42. David Cook says:

    I would like to pre-order the CR920 Elite, BLK/BRZ if possible? If that option isn’t available directly through you, is it an option with one of the authorized dealers somewhere around Cincinnati, Ohio?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We do not do preorders. They will be available at dealers this spring.

  43. J says:

    I saw that the cr920 will fit micro red dots such as the holosun k series.. but does it also fit optics such as the holosun 507c x2 and similarly sized?

    And why not include the necessary mag release to accomadate glock mags??? We want 15 rounders.

    1. Daniel says:

      No the 507c x2 will not fit it since it’s the same width as the Glock 43. There are no Glock mags that will fit the CR920 and the Shield Arm mags won’t work. So no need to change the mag release

  44. Nick says:

    Will there be recoil lugs that fit in the holes of the Holosun K and EPS series optics to help prevent loss of zero? Thanks!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Do you mean spacers? Yes, there will be spacers to fit the micro optics.

  45. RAE says:

    Do you ever have try it before you buy it events? I have the MR920 elite and love it, but it is a little large for me to conceal carry. I love the idea of a CR920 and would love to try it if ever an opportunity in Colorado

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We have a range day coming up! Will be announced on social, email, and here!

  46. DF says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Just want to clarify that the CR920 combat will not feature the optic cut. If I wanted that, I would need to get the combat optic version or the elite?

    When do you expect the website to be updated with more details on the CR920 like your other models?

    Lastly are there any plans for any version of the DR920 without the optic cuts?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      That’s correct. There will be Combat (no optic cut), Combat Optic (with optic cut), and Elite (with optic cut). The DR920 is offered with the optic cut as a standard feature.

  47. Edgar Lopez says:

    Will this pistol have a threaded barrel version available?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It will not.

  48. Brandon Miller says:

    Do we have an exact release date yet?

  49. Mike says:

    The CR920 is the pistol that I’ve been waiting for from Shadow Systems for summertime carry.
    I have a pair of MR920’s and love them.

  50. Tom says:

    Jessica, I promise I looked for the answer, and if it’s here, I missed it – which optic will be included with the combat optic model?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The CR920 will not ship with an optic installed, at least not at launch.

  51. Devin says:

    Will there be a war poet edition of the CR920?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Yes, later in the year.

  52. Pat H says:

    Will a Riton 3 Tactix MPRD 2 with RMSc footprint fit the new CR920 when it comes out? There’s a nice sale on them right now and will buy it while I wait for the cr920 if I can ensure it will fit when i get the handgun. It will fit on the glock 43x so I’m assuming it will fit but just wanted to ask. Thanks.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We have not tested it, but if it uses the RMSc footprint it should fit.

  53. Jeremy says:

    Will the extended base plate be sold separately so that 10 round mags can be turned into 13 round ?

  54. Clinton H. Benson says:

    Washington State just passed a 10 round magazine capacity law. I would want the extension on my magazines so that all of my fingers wrap around the grip. Will Shadow Systems be designing a plug that maintains the 10 round capacity but allows me to install the extension allowing for a more comfortable grip on the gun. Any possible consideration or actual action that would allow for this requirement is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! r/Clint

    1. Andrew Cramer says:

      Hello Clint, fellow sad Washingtonian here. The 10rd cut off has a grandfather clause and has a July 1st cutoff date. Check out “Washington gun law” on YouTube for a lawyers advice. The following is not legal advice: but as long as you owned the larger than 10rd capacity magazines prior to July 1st 2022 you can lawfully still possess and use said magazines, so you have a few months to stock up on these magazines now since you would be fully within the law by doing so.

  55. Cwick says:

    Will there be a extended mag that only holds 10 rounds for the ppl who live is 10 rd mag states?

    I still want the extension but only 10 rds.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      At launch, the CR920 will be available with the flush fit 10+1 and the extended 13+1. For states that have restrictions, the pistol will ship with 2x flush fit mags. in Q2, we plan to release two versions of a pinky extension, a +1 capacity and a +0 capacity pinky extension. Hope that helps!

  56. Matt says:

    how soon can I get one? release date?

  57. R says:

    Will there be a CR920 with a threaded barrel? I want to run a suppressor on it and possibly a compensator.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We do not plan to release it with a threaded barrel.

  58. Bryan says:

    I’m very excited about the prospect of this gun. Assuming it shoots well and is reliable it seems “almost” perfect to me for deep concealment role.

    I currently use the Sig P365X for a similar role as the CR920. The reason I have the “X” version is for the 12 round flush fit magazine. I don’t like finger extension magazines, which brings me to my question…

    Are there any plans to create a CR920 with a longer grip that would hold a 12 or 13 round flush fit magazine. That would be my ideal carry gun, and I have to think there is a market for it when I look at the Sig p365 lineup.

    1. Tracey says:

      Bumping this question as I’m also curious if you all will release a CR920(x) with a longer 43xish grip and flush fit 13rd mag?

      1. Jessica Roe says:

        Not currently on the plan

  59. Dart says:

    Is the rail the same profile as the 43x MOS? I want to know if the tlr 7 sub will fit the same for holster compatibility.

  60. Tom says:

    Jessica, will the CR have the same sort of interchangeable backstraps as your other pistols?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No, it will not. The grip is so small that the backstrap would not really change much if you were to try to change the angle.

  61. Nathan Schnier says:

    Its springtime, is there any set date for release yet?

  62. Jason says:

    Any info on magazine prices? Considering these are proprietary, this can be a real concern compared to your other models.


    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Jason, flush fit will be $31 and extended will be $33.

      1. Andrew Cramer says:

        Hello Jessica, will there be extra mags available at distributors? Or will they be only available on your site at launch? I am in Washington and ideally i would be able to purchase 4-5 13rd magazines before July 1st. Thanks for all you do Jessica!

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        Yes, dealers and distributors will be receiving them as well

  63. Raúl Martínez says:

    Saludos desde Caracas Venezuela, el CR920 está acondicionado para utilizar cargas +P, gracias y un abrazo.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      ¡Hola y gracias por contactarnos!

      Nuestro manual de armas de fuego es universal y cubrira el CR920. El CR920 también esta clasificado para municion de +P.

      Gracias por su apoyo en Venezuela. Haganos saber si necesita also mas.

  64. RAUL MARTINEZ says:

    Saludos, el manual de seguridad publicado es compatible con todos los modelos ( CR920). Gracias.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      ¡Hola y gracias por contactarnos!

      Nuestro manual de armas de fuego es universal y cubrira el CR920. El CR920 también esta clasificado para municion de +P.

      Gracias por su apoyo en Venezuela. Haganos saber si necesita also mas.

  65. Anthony Palacio says:

    Hey will the new CR920s be part of the patriot + protector program ? And if so, will it be immediately at launch or will it come later down the line? Thank you

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      It will; be part of the program, though not immediately after launch.

    2. Jessica Roe says:

      It will be part of the program, though not immediately after launch.

  66. KayFlyte says:

    Not familiar with Shadow Systems until now. One thing I noticed is nowhere in the description above does it say what caliber it is. Probably 9mm because of it’s name. But really… a little proofreading ?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The CR920 is 9mm.

  67. Ben Erickson says:

    will this fit g43x mos mags?

  68. Zaldy Jimenez says:

    Is there any threaded barrel that you will going to offer for CR model?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No, there is not currently a plan for threaded barrels.

  69. Doug Meiser says:

    Hello ever-patient Jessica and Shadow team. Now that spring has sprung and range day occurred near some of us, do you have a more refined sate for dealer availability? I tried to ask differently to get the info.!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Hi Doug, CR920s are on the way to the ranges that hosted the events last weekend as we speak! More inventory will be shipping out to other dealers and distributors this week!

  70. Is the slide backplate interchangeable with the g43? I ask because I am interested in the Langdon tactical striker control device.

    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No, I’m sorry it will not be compatible.

  71. Billy G says:

    What optics will be compatible to mount with no extra plates or parts needed? Also will those compatible optics allow for co-witness of installed iron sights without having to purchase taller sights?
    Will the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub fit without issue?
    Thank you very much!!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Holosun 507K and EPS Carry, Sheild RMSc, and Swampfox Sentinel.

      Yes, the TLR-7 Sub will fit.

  72. Mike Fay says:

    I just purchased a CR920 Elite and really like it, I’m hoping to get another very soon.
    Can you tell me when I will be able to purchase extra magazines?
    The pistol seems to fit well in a Glock 43 (not 43X) holster that I have, is it ok to use that holster with the CR920?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Hi Mike, I expect to have magazines available for you to order from our website this week. You can sign up for the waitlists here: 10-round 13-round

      That mag should be fine to use. You want either 43 mos, 43x mos, or 48 mos.

      1. Dave C. says:

        Is the CR920 with mag extension shorter than the MR920? I’m concerned about “printing ” due to grip length.
        Still waiting on Lipsey’s to stock them.

      2. Jessica Roe says:

        The grip length with the extended mag is very close to the length of the MR920, but it much thinner, front to back, and side to side. You can find the full measurements and specs here.

  73. Chris Mason says:

    Left Glock after being with them since Gen 1. Already shooting flatter, faster and more accurately with the MR920 Elite. Just picked up the CR920 Elite. This thing is legit! Just a smaller version of what I feel is the best overall gun on the market for carry. Only draw back so far is that it doesn’t take a regular light. The rail is smaller. So, my Olight PL2 Mini does not fit. But there are other lights out there. Fantastic product!!

  74. Tom says:

    Jessica – any insight as to what mag carriers work with the CR mags?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      CZ75, Beretta 92, and Walther PPQ mag pouches all worked just fine.

  75. Rod B says:

    Is the CR920 extractor the same as the MR and DR?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No, it is different.

  76. Marc Wolfe says:

    Will a Glock 26 magazine fit inside of the CR920 ?

  77. Alex smith says:

    Is the rail on cr920 considered 1913 or for glock 43x for streamlight tlr7 sub?

  78. Kenneth Gillespie says:

    Is there a laser sight available for the CR920?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Items designed for the G43X MOS should work but we haven’t tested any.

  79. Tom says:

    Just picked up my CR920 Elite on friday. Nice firearm. Question is, will an Olight Baldr S fit this rail? Ive tried both rail lock inserts and either i got a dud or something. This light fits every other subcompact i own and i dont have a 43x mos or a 43 mos for reference. So, question is, can we get a list of lights that will actually fit without a rail adapter? Much appreciated.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      The lights that we have tested for fit so far are the TLR-7 SUB and the Surefire XCS.

  80. Lance says:

    So has anyone tried to get this to work with any other magazines readily available to the Glock platform? Any mods out there? Its all i need to be able to but this.

    @JessicaRoe / ShadowSystems – I really. really, want this gun, (it would be my 4th SS), but proprietary mags are a deal breaker. The main reason I went with glock platform is cross compatibility and aftermarket support. Ive seen at least 3 Technical Tuesdays where Trevor says they made specific design decisions so that the end user can continue to use whatever glock holster, or whatever. So what the heck is this magazine thing? Way off target with this decision, i must say.

    Oh, case in point: Most online retailers are out of stock on these mags, meanwhile I can get a pmag for for my 26, 11 bux at a local store…..

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Lance, we do not recommend it, but if you install a Glock button, you can use a Glock 43x/48 or Shield Arms S15 magazine. The Shield Arms magazine may have issues with lockback due to weak spring pressure. Keep in mind, both of these options will stick halfway out of the grip. The whole reason for the proprietary magazine was to give Glock 26 capacity in a standard Glock 43 size. Consequently, there is no comparable magazine option in the market besides ours that can do this.

  81. Lance says:

    Wow, you moderated my comment out? Dont like the common sense feedback? Great way to lose a customer.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Actually, our comments are just held until someone has a chance to review them and approve them. All comments, negative, positive, and otherwise are always approved. This system simply helps us to ensure that we can mindfully answer any questions in the comments in a timely manner. It also helps us reduce the number of viagra/cialis ads posted by bots. You’ll see that your comment has been approved and your question has also been answered. Hope this helps!

      1. David Hunt says:

        I didn’t read every post so this may already have been noted..

        I currently own 5 Shadow Systems products ,War Poet MR920’s and 2 MR918’s.. I am personally responsible for having sold atleast 7 others.. I couldn’t be more pleased with the weapons.

        The rub I have is, I have advised the purchase of, taken my time to go to the range and introduce these weapons to skeptics I called Shadow Systems to see if they would sell lowers for the CR920 to make my MR920’s easier to conceal. Well they have no plans to offer the lower.

        I own several LaRues and to put Shadow Systems in the same conversation is a huge compliment.. Mark LaRue will sell a lower and Shadow Systems will not! Both are flush with orders so I can see a newer company taking advantage of the situation but it’s truly sad.

        Never again will I waste my breath to help push a company that just really doesn’t give a crap about those who helped put them on the map.

        Pathetic and yes. I own a couple of MR918’s too! So yeah I have earned the right to say too big for their britches!

  82. R Hit says:

    First off, I noticed that you did not publish my original negative comments regarding the CR 920. That’s not objective or honest on your part..
    After 200 rounds, I talked with the dealer regarding the performance of my newly purchased 920. I described the constant jamming and inaccuracy of it. The dealer suggested that I put another two hundred rounds through it before turning it in as defective.
    After another hundred rounds and two cleanings, it did start to perform much better.
    It has stopped jamming, and the accuracy has seemed to increase with every shot.
    I’ve tried several different ammunition, and it certainly seems to like the heavier grains much better.
    I’m beginning to like this pistol very much, but I wish that I didn’t have to spend 200 dollars worth of ammunition to get it to start performing.
    I purchased a S&W Shield Plus only weeks before purchasing the 920, and still would put the Sheild above the 920 in reliability. Accuracy is about even between the two.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      R Hit, If you were having issues with your CR920, please watch the video that Trevor just released regarding a solution: https://youtu.be/otZ5n-CiCno

  83. Ian says:

    Will the mags for the CR920 work in a Glock 43?

  84. Jeff B. says:

    Well, I have a bit of a history with Shadow Systems. A few years ago things started looking “dangerous” out there in every day life so I decided to exercise my 2nd amendment right, arm myself with a tool and train, learn and observe. I went to the store for a Glock and they were all sold out. I was then shown an MR920 Combat w/ the optic cut and nothing has been the same since. Took my CHL w/ that gun (Holosun 507C V2) and loved it but wanted something more compact. Ended up getting the Sig P365 which I like. But when I saw this? Well, I HAD to have it because I shoot the MR920 so well. The people at Shadow Systems have been above and beyond helpful (had a few “higher ups” answer emails and offer assistance early on) I really don’t think you’re going to get that type of personal attention anywhere else. Sooooooooo that’s why I just bought the CR920 Elite. It’s my EDC dream tool. Can’t wait to get it. I’m sure it will be great but the difference here is this… I know if something isn’t right, SS will fix it and make it right. That really is a good feeling and part of the reason I keep coming back. The other is the craftmanship.

  85. Andrew Cramer says:

    Hello Jessica, I saw Touchfeelcarry’s video “CR920 back from repair at Shadow Systems” on youtube and he mentioned communication from Trevor that the barrel and trigger were replaced with a revised part.

    Is it possible to get more information on these revised parts for current owners, like myself, and prospective buyers?

    1. Jessica Roe says:


      Trevor just released a video that addresses the issue some folks were having: https://youtu.be/otZ5n-CiCno

  86. Shaun Logan says:

    What optic options do we have to choose from for the CR920? Due to it being a subcompact I have been thinking I would need a smaller version of the most common ones? I want a CR920 and would like to know what choices I’ve got!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Hi Shaun,

      You can find the chart of all approved optics for our pistols here.

  87. Shaun Logan says:

    I would suggest staying away from the bronze barrels. I LIVE this firearm! It is my EDC. However, after 200-300 rounds the bronze color is stripping off the middle of the barrel where the slide locks back and the muzzle is damn near black already. Yes, I’ve cleaned my gun. I clean after every shoot no matter the amount of rounds! I’m only saying this because a lot of people go toward the bronze “look” because it’s sleek, cool and different! And it is all those things! But it’s almost like buying a white vehicle. It looks beautiful but you can see dirt badly. Same with the bronze barrel. It’s beautiful until you fire it. After that, you’ll be able to see every bit of significant wearing around the hood where the slide locks and around the crown of the muzzle. Again, I LOVE Shadow Systems! I have a MR920 and CR920. The CR is the only one I have with the bronze barrel.

  88. Don Wissing says:

    What is the cost of the cr920?

  89. David says:

    I own the cr920 and I love it, with the exception of one thing….felt recoil. My first shots are always dead on target, and if I shoot slowly…through the same hole. When I shoot fast, the recoil and the texturing rip my hands up and my shots are off grouping. Is there a Houge rubber sleeve that will fit (the 43x doesn’t)? Also would the DPM systems recoil spring for the 43x work in this firearm. I love it because it doesn’t print and lightweight (unlike my TP9 Elite SC), and has more capacity than my Kimber Nightfall.

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