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2 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: MR920L”

  1. Jeff Ruthig says:

    I am ex-military and a retired State Trooper. I am the proud owner of an MR918 Combat and I really like this pistol. I understand upgrades, although I believe there are some that are not necessary. I am now seeing in Shadow Systems something that concerns me and that is the expansion of your line of pistols. I would encourage you to make one pistol with excellence, rather than making many of poorer quality. This has been happening with some major firearms manufacturers.


    Jeff Ruthig

    1. Jessica Roe says:


      Thanks for your note. You are absolutely right, that is happening to other companies in our industry. We also see companies that feel like they have to release something every year, and you end up with an array of options that you probably don’t actually need.

      With that said, we look at this through two views: 1) what does the customer need that we don’t yet provide 2) what can we reasonably produce without compromising quality on our products.

      The second one is non-negotiable for us. We won’t compromise on that because there is too much riding on it. Regarding the products we plan to release, we want to keep it focused on what people actual want/need/are asking for. The full-size is an obvious choice because we are expanding into the LE space and full size guns are the norm. There may come a time when a subcompact makes sense in the future—that’s not something covered well by our current suite of products.

      All that is to say that we will keep our products focused to what people are asking for and make sure we don’t stray from the quality and performance that our brand promises. You can count on that.

      Thanks again for contacting us. Glad the MR918 is working well for you.

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