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Shadow Systems Releases Long-Slide Version of Compact Pistol, The MR920L



Plano, TX (July, 2020) –Shadow Systems, the U.S-based pistol manufacturer, has released its latest production pistol, the MR920L. The MR920L Elite is the longer slide version of the MR920 Elite.

Assembled on the compact MR920 frame, the MR920L features a longer, 4.5” slide and barrel (the threaded barrel is 5”). The MR920L was conceived as the true answer to the question of “How do I get more capability out of my pistol and still conceal it daily?”  More Capability:  The MR920L and its shorter barrel length cousin, the MR920 Elite, both offer an incredibly high degree of mechanical accuracy.  The MR920L, however, makes it easier to take advantage of that mechanical accuracy with its longer sight radius.  A half-inch increase may not sound like a lot, but even new shooters will notice accurate hits are easier to make, particularly at distance.  A longer site radius allows for a more forgiving sight picture,  meaning the MR920L provides noticeably improved accuracy.

The MR920L also features significantly less muzzle rise than the MR920 Elite enabling blazingly fast follow-up shots.  The MR920L’s bright green outlined front sight tracks predictably and recovers quickly to the target.  Tritium illumination makes this possible in low light conditions as well.

The MR920L is built on the proven MR920 compact frame, designed for optimal recoil control and improved ergonomic fit. The frame features interchangeable backstraps to fit each shooter’s natural point of aim, a recoil control ledge, and a tapered, elongated beavertail. The MR920 frame’s wraparound texture is suffiently aggressive to improve recoil control,without being uncomfortable for daily carry. The optional magwell can be added to the frame for faster reloads, making the MR920L an excellent choice for competition pistols; the MR920L is approved for use in USPSA Production, USPSA Carry Optics, IDPA Stock Service Pistol, and IDPA Carry Optic divisions.


The full length slide features directional serrations in the front, rear, and topside of the slide plus a recoil-reducing, weight-optimized window cut. The patent-pending optic cut on the MR920L allows a low, direct mount for multiple footprints to accommodate most major optic brands. The optic cut features the strongest, deepest screw placement in the industry to allow direct optic mounting of multiple brands without intervening adapter plates. This extremely low optic placement permits most optics to co-witness with typical iron sights (the Leupold Delta-point Pro will not co-witness, but all other major brands will). The MR920L optic cut accommodates Trijicon RMR and SRO, Holosun 507c and 508t, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Viper, and TruGlo Tru-Tec. The new system provides versatility without compromise and even exceeds the strength of past Shadow Systems mounts that had a dedicated Trijicon RMR footprint machined into the slide.

The MR920L is manufactured in Plano, Texas, with American parts and labor. Barrels are 1-10 inches, conventionally rifled and coated in super slick Bronze Titanium Carbonitride or Black Nitride. Slides are machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel and coated in Nitride or Cerakote on some models. The MR920L can be configured with a 4.5″ unthreaded barrel or a 5″ threaded barrel.


About Shadow Systems
Shadow Systems Corp. is a privately held, Plano, Texas-based manufacturer of premium firearms and firearm parts. Each product is designed and manufactured in the USA by a team of Veterans and former Law Enforcement Officers. Everything is engineered to be used and abused, as real hard-use tools should be.

Shadow Systems is a portfolio company of Catalyst Holdings. Visit https://www.shadowsystemscorp.com/; engage on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ShadowSystemsCorp; follow on Instagram at http://instagram.com/shadowsystemscorp.

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  1. Ivan Gutierrez says:

    My mr920L is an early iteration and the gold on the barrel started to wear out after 150 rounds through the barrel that’s the reason I’m buying this I heard the early barrels used and inferior coating my fde Mr920 black barrel has 150 rounds through it and is still like brand new

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