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Technical Tuesday: Ammunition Selection and Sights

Not sure what ammo will work in your Shadow Systems pistol? We discuss ammunition selection in general terms and then do a deep dive into a common question about how our pistols are zeroed.


Correction: Sorry, looks like a swapped the velocities for 115 gr. and 124 gr. when writing them on the board!

3 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: Ammunition Selection and Sights”

  1. Blake Panlilio says:

    Hey guys, just bought the mr920 today! Very excited to own it! Bought it primarily to carry it concealed because my current carry pistol is all metal and can get heavy by the end of the day. Just wanted to know what you guys have to say about shooting 9mm +p critical duty 135 gr. carry rounds through it. That’s what I use daily as my ccw rounds. Just wanted to be sure it was ok before I started putting those specific rounds through it. Thank you guys!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Go for it!

  2. Eric Calvert says:

    Waiting on background check to pick up new MR920, any concerns putting ‘Berdan primed steel case’ or any other non-brass range ammo through it during/after break-in?

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