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Technical Tuesday: How to Zero an Optic on Your Pistol

We have had questions from some of you about how to zero a red dot optic on your pistol. Here, we quickly demonstrate the process of zeroing an optic at the range. We are showing how to zero a Holosun on an MR920, but you can use this process to zero any mini red dot on your pistol.

For a list of optics that are compatible with the MR920’s multi-footprint optic cut, visit our FAQ page.

One Reply to “Technical Tuesday: How to Zero an Optic on Your Pistol”

  1. Bob Meacham says:

    I zeroed the red dot on my Warrior poet MR920 in 15 rounds with three 5 shot groups. With pistol supported on a sandbag or a range bag with something forgiving inside of it like clothes, rolled up towels stuff like that. Aim for the bullseye take 5 supported shots check target, unload your gun and again take supported aim at bullseye keeping the pistol steady move the aim point to point at the group you just shot or start by aiming the red dot at the 5 shot group first and move nothing but the red dot adjustments to move the dot to the bullseye. Lock down the red dot and shoot the second supported 5 shot group with red dot on your bullseye you should be right on or damm close to it and shoot another supported 5 shots to double check the zero dead on printing cloverleafs at 30ft.
    Love this gun Thank you

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