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Technical Tuesday: The Why Behind a Break-In Period

Trevor discusses why our pistols (and really all mechanical devices) require a break-in period. With the current ammo situation, it seems that the idea of a break-in period has been getting more and more controversial. We wanted to take a moment to address why we require a break-in period, and why it is important in the long run for the function of your pistol.

6 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: The Why Behind a Break-In Period”

  1. Brian Bentley says:

    Is the MR920L compatible with extended slide locks ?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Hi, They are compatible, but the extended ones tend to activate when not intended, so our team does not recommend them.

  2. David Cutter says:

    He speaks the Truth. I mounted a 509t on a brand new MR920 and took it to the range today to break it in. The first round took 4 tries to go to battery and I had maybe 4 more failures to go to battery over the first 50 rounds (115 grain range fodder). After that, ran like a sewing machine and it certainly likes 124 grain Gold Dot.

  3. Dion says:

    I have a dr920 I like it. Can this company do the same with a czp10f?

  4. Youu have improved the GLOCK 19!Are there any future plans to improve my favorite GLOCK…the GLOCK 30S!

  5. Ryan says:

    Just did some break in today with my son on the XR 920 some good stuff. Will continue to do the deeds. Thanks!

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