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Technical Tuesday: An Update on Production

CEO, Trevor Roe, discusses our changes and production growth to keep up with the demand of 2020. We are in the midst of our biggest expansion in the history of our company to keep up with your demand for our pistols. We are continuing to increase production to get all dealers and distributors restocked with MR920s. Trevor also discusses the status of the Full Size pistol…

6 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: An Update on Production”

  1. Ed Fick says:

    My wife just got me the 9 beautiful piece of work, when can I get a 10mm?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We don’t have plans for a 10mm at this time.

  2. Jorge L Vázquez Martinez says:

    Can I order an mr920 combat with optic cut straight from you guys?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We aren’t taking web orders at this time, but you should be able to find one at your local dealer. If you are having trouble finding one locally, please email me at jessica@shadowsystemscorp.com and I can help you find one!

  3. Zac says:

    I would just like to extend my appreciation on making your product a true out of the box solution, I also would be interested to know if you have any future plans of a DR frame used in conjunction with a MR slide? I believe this combination would be great for LE, Mil and Comp. I would be interested to know your thoughts.
    Thank you

    1. Jessica Roe says:


      Thank you for the input! I will certainly bring this to the team.

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