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MR920 Manual

Some of you have asked for a digital copy of the MR920 Manual. Here is a downloadable version of your manual.

MR920 Manual – web friendly


Please note, the Optic Spacer and Screws chart on Page 15 has been updated since the printing of this manual to include additional tested optics. Please use the updated chart below and follow the instructions found on pages 14-19 of the manual when installing an optic.

4 Replies to “MR920 Manual”

  1. Bob Meacham says:

    Have just gotten back into shooting and gun ownership in the last 3 months or so. Took close to a 40 year layoff since i was in the U.S. Army. 1986 to 1995 just wanted to say I got my War Poet shadow system MR920 on Tuesday 11/17/2020 did 250 round break in that same day. Have shot 300 rounds a day for the past 4 days with it and the trigger was real good to start has only gotten smoother and breaks cleaner. Also seems to have improved accuracy or I’m shooting better one of the two.
    Thank you God bless.
    BTW I was a 91B for my first 3 years then did school for a year to end up a 91C LVN in the rear with the gear and the woman.

  2. theardis burrell says:

    MR 920 in 40 s&w ??

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      No plans for that right now

  3. pir8te says:

    When I downladed the manual it seems to be missing page 16/17

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