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[SHOT 2023] New Shadow Systems CR920P, DR920L, And Compensator

New Shadow Systems Pistols – SHOT 2023

The new CR920P has the same footprint as a G48, but is essentially a G43X with a brake. Often, adding a brake to a pistol makes it much harder to find a functional holster. There are ample G48 holsters on the market so this is a smart move for compatibility. The CR920P at Range Day was a pre-production model but it ran well. Shadow Systems anticipates a Q2 delivery time frame on this model.

The brake used on the CR920P is fairly unique. It attaches with a clamping lock that secures around a sort of tri-lug cut in the muzzle. Unlike the tri-lug units used on guns like the MP-5, there is no twisting or turning to get this brake onto the barrel. It simply slides over the muzzle and locks down.

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