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Shadow Systems CR920P: Maximum Potential Concealed Carry Handgun

Shadow Systems, based in Plano, TX, arrived on the polymer striker-fired handgun scene in 2016. The company quickly gained a reputation as a solid upgrade over other polymer framed striker-fired weapons on the market. Not only talking about the Austrian variation, but all offerings. This stems from Shadow Systems’ in-house manufacturing of slides, barrels, triggers, and internals. Shadow Systems also employs patented MIM and injection mold tooling for frames and small parts. An example is Shadow Systems own LCI extractor. It features proprietary geometry for extra reliability and consistent 3 o’clock brass ejection pattern versus brass back in your face you get with some other polymer striker-fired handguns.

The CR920P is great example of Shadow Systems’ innovation and ability to respond quickly to emerging weapon technology and trends. As we know red dots on personal defense handguns are here to stay. Most Shadow System models come standard with an optic-ready slide cut, including the CR920P. The Shadow Systems optic cut is unique thanks to its ability to accommodate multiple manufacturer red dots without need for adaptor plates. The Shadow Systems mounting method allows for a lower 1/3 co-witness with the Shadow System low-profile factory sights. The elimination of suppressor height iron sights protruding upward from the slide will be warmly received by anyone that has been gouged or had them snag on a cover garment during a draw stroke. Co-witnessing is important, as anything electronic can fail, no matter how rugged; thus, it’s important to have iron sights ready as a backup plan.

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