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Gun Notes: Joe’s Top Carry Guns & Gear of 2023

Guns & Ammo’s Executive Editor documents the guns and gear he carried and used most in 2023, and assesses the pistols, holsters, mag pouches, knives, and flashlights that became essential to his EDC loadout.

If you are here for a “10 Best” list or a hyper-tactical review of carry gear, keep it moving. Today, as a dude in my late 30s with kids and dogs and domestic chores, I’m not so concerned about developing the ultimate loadout for hostile environments. I’m more interested in reliable and versatile gear that will perform when the chips are down but remain discreet, comfortable, and unobtrusive as I go through my everyday routines.

What follows is a “Year in Review” of some of my most used equipment. I’m highlighting solutions that worked for me and products that really stood out. Keep in mind, I review guns and gear professionally, and there is a lot of turnover in my safe and holster. This review isn’t about those products that come and go, or even a reflection of what items I would most highly recommend. This is about the guns and gear that have stuck with me, equipment I purchased and kept after or apart from “work” reviews, and kit that has ascended to the role of “go-to” in my everyday carry (EDC) lineup.

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