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Technical Tuesday: What’s up with the new firing pin system?

We received a question last week about the new round firing pin system in our recent production guns. This system has been a part of the DR920 design since early 2021 and has recently appeared in the MR920s as well. Both systems are great, but here we explain the “why” behind this design change. Pack a lunch, we’re going really deep here.

As always, please contact our team with any questions at support@shadowsystemscorp.com. If there’s something you’d like to see in a future Technical Tuesday, drop it here in the comments.

One Reply to “Technical Tuesday: What’s up with the new firing pin system?”

  1. Shane Thideman says:

    Thank you for the Technical Tuesday videos, they are very helpful and informative. Is there any chance that Shadow Systems will be making a subcompact? I would like to have one model after the G26. Thanks again for all you do.

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