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Technical Tuesday: FMJ-ish projectiles and leading in your barrel

It turns out not all FMJ ammo is true FMJ. We’ve had some customers ask about leading on the muzzle of their barrel and/or lead “spiraling” on close range targets. Let’s talk about what causes that and what the differences are between true FMJ and plated bullets that are also sold as FMJ.

2 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: FMJ-ish projectiles and leading in your barrel”

  1. Todd says:

    I shot my MR 920 Elite today and when the shells ejected they would land on my head. Why ?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Can you please email pictures of your extractor/ejector to the support@shadowsystemscorp.com email address? One other question is, are you shooting at an indoor range? We occasionally have reports of this and it turns out to be folks whose brass is bouncing off the range wall and landing on their head.

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