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24 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: Do you need this gun? The XR920 Acro Cut with a Steiner MPS”

  1. David Cutter says:

    I’d buy a slide with an Acro cut for one of my MR920s.

  2. No1_Important says:

    How about an option for the Holosun 509T since it’s budget friendly, has a better battery life and is Sage Dynamics approved?

    1. Alex says:

      Acro is as well, at least the p1 version, I’m sure the battery life is all they changed in the new version

  3. Bruce Coward says:

    To date the only thing that has held me back from purchasing one of your reportedly exceptional handguns is the lack of an Acro Cut model, and to a much lessor degree, this frame/slide combo. Once I see that this combo is available I will be ordering one as soon as I step down in my home State of Florida from Canada at the end of March of next year. Hopefully you might also be offering a War Poet model at that time as I prefer the smaller window cut that has when compared to the Elite. Great work guys. All I hear/read are great things about your products.

  4. Carson Harrington says:

    I would buy one for the Holosun 509t. But I think the market is to small to market a dedicated pistol. Of course, it could be an option for a “build your own “ pistol.

  5. Noah Parker says:

    Closed emitters are going to become standard… just like ar dots.. I’d love an Acro cut!

  6. Bruce Coward says:

    Please, please and please. Will buy!

  7. Johnatan Vertiz says:

    Please advise when the XR920 Elite with optic cut, threaded bronze barrel is available again. Thanks in advance.

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Hi Johnathan, that pistol is available at dealers nationwide. Please feel free to email me your location if you need help finding a dealer.

  8. Robert Root says:

    I’m also interested in a possible 509T cut, at least in a custom order option.

  9. Garrett K Dunyon says:

    I would be willing to purchase an xr920 with dedicated acro cut right this second if there was one available.

  10. Logan Robertson says:

    Absolutely if you make an acro cut with the Dr920 I will purchase and have friends waiting as well.

  11. Joe says:

    Yes please! An ACRO cut for the MR920 would be great! I would buy two right now. Is there anyway to get on a waitlist for when these are available or purchase a contract overrun?

    I saw several comments regarding the 509, but would be very disappointed in prioritizing that option for various reasons.

  12. C Kinkade says:

    Yes, please release the Acro cut to the public. It would be great to have that option on the DR length upper as well.

  13. Kevin says:

    Any update on this? I’ve seen some photos from Shot Show, and numerous posts teasing these. Now that P-2’s are becoming more readily available, I’d have to assume these are almost coming to market?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      We don’t yet have a releasee date for the Acro cut, but will announce it here and on social media when we do!

  14. Reed says:

    I would buy a DR920P with a 509t or ACRO cut for a duty handgun in a heartbeat. Fingers crossed that happens soon!

  15. Jon says:

    Would absolutely buy an ACRO cut slide for either of my current Shadow Systems pistols (MR920 and DR920)

  16. Garrett says:

    I would definitely buy an XR or DR ACRO slide for my duty gun.

  17. Jeremy Luther says:

    I would 100% buy an MR or DR with an acro cut slide/plate system.

  18. Jared Aymond says:

    Please release the 509T cut DR920!

  19. KG says:

    I would absolutely purchase an XR920 Elite with ACRO cut.

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