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Shadow Systems XR920 And MR920L Review

The author takes a closer look at the XR920 and MR902L, two crossover-size 9mm pistols from Shadow Systems.

As I’ve said in some of my other Shadow Systems reviews, “Plastic Fantastics” are everywhere now. We’re almost 40 years into the “trend”, but if it’s been persisting that long, I think it’s more than a mere fad at this point. It’s a theme, a motif, a movement. Of late, we’ve seen “crossovers” in this space; that is to say, pistols that have a compact slide and full-size frame à la the Glock 19X or Glock 45. But we don’t really see the inverse that often.

This piece is an overview of two different crossover pistols from Shadow Systems—the XR920 and the MR920L.

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