Shadow Systems Gun Builder

CONFIGURE YOUR SHADOW SYSTEMS PISTOL SELECT OPTIONS Please note: the Shadow Systems Pistol Builder is best experienced on a laptop or desktop. CONFIGURE YOUR SHADOW SYSTEMS PISTOL Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.ViewsLeft Side ViewRight Side ViewFrame SizeSubcompactCompactFull-SizeSlide LengthCompactLongSlide Length (Full Frame)Compact XRLong DRCompensatedSlide StyleCombatEliteBarrel ColorBlackBronzeBronze Barrel ThreadUnthreaded BronzeThreaded BronzeBlack Barrel [...] Continue reading

SHOT Show 2021

TUNE IN FOR OUR BIGGEST LAUNCH YET We’re taking SHOT Show 2021 online for a virtual event that’s not to be missed. Join us each day for a live stream video experience. Meet our much-anticipated full size pistol. Head to the range with the Shadow Systems team. And experience our SHOT Show booth for yourself, [...] Continue reading

Shadow Systems Pistol Features

WHAT MAKES A SHADOW SYSTEMS PISTOL SPECIAL? Fast accurate hits win matches and win gunfights. With that in mind, Shadow Systems has developed a key suite of features that is fundamental to making our pistols more shootable, with better recoil control, a higher degree of accuracy, and long-term reliability. These features are embedded in every [...] Continue reading


DESIGNED WITH OFFICERS AND SERVICEMEMBERS IN MIND THE FULL-SIZED DR920 Designed with officers and servicemembers in mind, the full-sized DR920 is a duty-ready pistol with features that are anything but basic. Designed to work with existing G17 holsters, magazines, and gear. The DR920 frame features interchangeable backstraps to allow a shooter to adjust the grip [...] Continue reading


INCREASED SIGHT RADIUS FOR BETTER ACCURACY AND LESS RECOIL THE LONG SLIDE MR920L The long-slide MR920L is built on the compact-sized MR920 frame. The MR920L has noticeably less muzzle rise than the MR920. Interchangeable backstraps allow shooters to adjust the grip angle to fit their natural point of aim. When paired with the extended beavertail [...] Continue reading


THE MOST CONTROLLABLE COMPACT PISTOL ON THE MARKET THE COMPACT MR920 The MR920 is a feature-packed, compact-sized pistol that is designed to work with existing G19 holsters, magazines, and gear. The MR920’s frame features configurable ergonomics. Interchangeable backstraps allow shooters to adjust the grip angle to fit their natural point of aim. An extended beavertail [...] Continue reading

Craftsmanship: Extreme Reliability

Craftsmanship Extreme Reliability A pistol you can trust. Always. Bet-Your-Life Consistency We assume every gun is for duty use. No excuses. Shadow Systems pistols have been evaluated and certified through the rigorous National Institute of Justice testing protocols. View our testing video for a detailed look at what the test looks for, and how Shadow [...] Continue reading
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