Technical Tuesday: Replacing Your Slide


This week, Technical Tuesday is building on what we’re talking about on the Blog.

We’re going to walk you through one of the most common Glock modifications, replacing a slide. We’ll show you how to do it with the right tools and also some tips and tricks in case you don’t have the right tools on hand.

We will walk you through exactly how to strip your current slide if you’re planning to reuse the existing internal parts (please note, you will need a new channel liner as that is a one-time-use part).

We will also then show you how to use the reused parts and then we will also show you how to use the parts from a slide completion kit in your new slide.

If you want to read a step by step with pictures as you make your own Glock mods to your slide, check out our blog post here for detailed instructions.

And, as always, if you run into any issues, give us a call! 469.458.6808


Shop the slides featured in this video here!

Get all of the internal parts you need in one of our Slide Completion Kits.

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