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At Shadow Systems we provide a highly-evolved version of a proven platform that incorporates the features that top military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters have come to expect. We offer both completed firearms and custom parts for those who would like to selectively enhance their existing firearm.

Our Shadow Systems team members have backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, engineering, competition shooting and aerospace sectors. This diversity of experience allows us to handle a wide array of projects and offer what we believe will work best for you.

We make our products in the USA and are proud supporters of our brothers and sisters who continue to serve and keep us safe. Many of them are our customers.
Shadow Systems is a portfolio company of Catalyst Holdings, a consumer goods focused private equity firm.



Trevor Roe


A former Army Infantry Officer and winning competitive shooter, Trevor has made a life-long study out of firearms and their employment under stress and against the clock.  Having studied mechanical engineering at West Point, Trevor is deeply involved in the engineering of our products and obsessively validates their quality and performance.  Prior to joining Shadow, Trevor worked in high-technology manufacturing, project management, and process improvement.  Each of these disciplines has been critical to Shadow’s rapid growth and the quality of our products.  


Clint Emerson


Clint leads our feature development cell, a small team that formulates the ideas behind our designs.  A retired Navy SEAL with 20 years of service with the Special Operations community, Clint spent his military career serving under various Naval Special Warfare Commands as a Special Operator.  He also authored the New York Times bestselling book, 100 Deadly Skills which advises the reader on personal security and surviving dangerous situations.  Clint’s broad experience and skills have had great impact on the design and testing of our products.


 Danny Whitmarsh 


Danny turns our product ideas into beautifully-crafted reality.  With four generations of machinists in the family, Danny was born with a 4140 billet in his hand.  In his 19-year career, Danny has machined gun parts, spy satellite antennas, and everything in between.  Danny approaches every challenge with an open mind and finds creative ways to improve processes and quality.  His diverse skills have helped us rapidly prototype and efficiently produce some of the finest parts in the industry.


Wolf Graves 


With years of experience in tactical and firearms media, Wolf brings a wealth of industry knowledge to Shadow Systems.  In addition to input on products, Wolf’s responsibilities include inventory and supply chain management, fulfillment, and ATF compliance.  Outside of work, Wolf is an avid shooter and is always building a new pistol or tinkering with a rifle. 


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