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Extreme Reliability

A pistol you can trust. Always.

Bet-Your-Life Consistency

We assume every gun is for duty use. No excuses.

Shadow Systems pistols have been evaluated and certified through the rigorous National Institute of Justice testing protocols.
View our testing video for a detailed look at what the test looks for, and how Shadow Systems’ pistols fared during the 2-day intensive NIJ program.

Designed for multiple roles

Unmatched operational excellence

Reliability has been our watchword since day one.

We love cool-looking guns, but when you are scared and in a compromised situation, you will really love the gun that just goes bang

We start with this combat-oriented mindset and apply it to design, testing, and production.  We’ve also learned from the competition, military, and law enforcement world that not all tweaks and modifications are actually good. There are many things worth doing to a improve a pistol, but many more that have an unacceptable reliability tradeoff. Therefore, we focus on the features that improve operation, but we never push the envelope to the point where fundamental design and function is compromised.

Our design decisions are guided by simple principles:

• Tighten tolerances in areas that improve accuracy, but never in those that affect reliability.
• Use stock weight springs in most cases.
• Make things out of metal.
• Leave safety features completely intact.
• Take ownership for everything the pistol does or fails to do.