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Designed and Built in Plano, Texas, USA

Made by Shooters, for Shooters

Manufacturing is where the magic happens. The care and concern that goes into every individual Shadow part and product is a testament to the quality of our manufacturing and build team. Its why our customers enjoy a confidence in our equipment that is unmatched.

Our diverse management team brings lean manufacturing experience from a myriad of other industries. This has allowed us to apply manufacturing best practices not commonly found in the gun world. Because of this, we are leaner and more efficient, and this ultimately leads to incredibly competitive pricing.

Our manufacturing approach also focuses on the principles of “Built-In Quality” and “Mistake Proofing,” concepts that originated within the famous Toyota Production System.  Our philosophy is quite simple: every person who touches a Shadow Systems product is an inspector. When a product comes off the line, it has already benefited from a thorough multi-point inspection… before its official inspection even begins.