We offer custom barrels for your Glock G17, G19, and G34. Our 416R Stainless Steel match-grade barrels come in a variety of machining options and finishes. We machine fluted Glock Barrels as a standard option.

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Why flutes versus a smooth barrel or other machining? Most external barrel machining offers fairly modest benefits, but in our opinion, flutes do the most. First, when the gun is truly filthy or full of mud, fluted barrels give debris a place to go when your slide is cycling, enhancing reliability. They also tend to “hold” lubricant, keeping your slide lubricated a little longer and distributing it evenly. There are some other lesser impacts, including: better barrel rigidity, better cooling, and weight reduction. You can also choose whether you want your pistol to be suppressor ready, by selecting unthreaded or threaded Glock barrel options. Our custom Glock barrels are finished in three high-performance coatings: Gold Titanium Nitride (TiN), Bronze Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN), and Black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). Each of these finishes have been selected by Shadow Systems for their durability and lubricity.

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G34 Barrels