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Shadow Systems Match Grade drop-in custom barrels are 416R stainless steel and manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. This material provides excellent corrosion resistance and very high tensile strength. They are rifled using a precision broach cut. Threaded barrels are 1/2X28. Barrels with fluting or dimples provide an attractive option with the benefit of added rigidity and a greater surface area for cooling.  Thread protectors are included with our barrels. 


Black Nitride-Ferritic Nitrocarburizing is the thermochemical that simultaneously diffuses nitrogen and carbon into the surface of ferrous metals. During the process, a two-part surface layer is formed - an outer iron nitride layer with a nitrogen diffusion layer below it. During this treatment, nitrogen and carbon are absorbed by and diffused into the surface of the metal. This treatment increases the wear resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, lubricity and cosmetic appeal.

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is an extremely wear-resistant coating that reduces friction. It is used on cutting tools, punches, dies and injection mold components to improve tool life. It is also used in the medical industry to reduce galling between sliding components, and to help retain sharp edges on surgical instruments. These features make it an obvious choice for firearm components applications.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) is a wear-resistant low-visibility coating that provides enhanced lubricity and wear resistance.