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2 Replies to “Technical Tuesday: Slide stuck during disassembly”

  1. Bert McCauley says:

    And if this method of unsticking a stuck slide doesn’t work, then what? The slide on my brand new, never fired, DR920 is stuck good, guys; and, when looking into the frame, it does appear the rear of the RSA is tilted slightly downward. I cannot get it back into battery no matter how forceful I push or slap the backstrap. This is not the first time for this to happen during disassembly, and I’ve been successful getting it to return to battery before, twice. I have at least 20 striker fired pistols and half of them Glocks, for over 25 years, and I’ve NEVER had this problem with any of them, ever. Do you think you might have a design flaw?

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Bert, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please email my Technical Team at support@shadowsystemscorp.com so they can figure out what is going on there, because that shouldn’t be happening.

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