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Shadow Systems CR920P Review | My New EDC 2023?

The all new CR920P Elite from Shadow Systems is much anticipated and it delivers on all fronts. Namely, recoil control or mitigation. We completed an in depth evaluation of this fantastic micro compact pistol competitor which comes with a compensator from the factory.

With a factory-comped pistol like the CR920P, the end user no longer has to buy a Glock G43X or Glock G48 and modify it or customize it to achieve a comped or ported gun. This pistol shoots extremely flat and we even compare it to the standard Shadow Systems CR920 and Shadow Systems MR920. The pistol has a slide length comparable to a Glock G48 or Glock G19 pistol yet very concealable.

It features night sights, a multi optic cut for any Holosun EPS, EpS Carry, Vortex Defender, Holosun 507K or 407 you may want to mount. With deep slide serrations, aggressive grip textures and an enhanced beavertail, gripping this pistol is a dream. It will ship with a nice soft zippered case and two magazines. One magazine is 13 rounds of capacity and the other is an 11 round magazine. A disassembly tool for the compensator is featured as well.

How does it shoot? It shoots better or flatter than a CR920 and a lot like the MR920. Very impressive effectiveness of the compensator is noticed immediately. In the future we will compare it to the Sig P365 XMacro from Sig Sauer and the Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP. For now, it is one of the flattest shooting factory micro compact or subcompact pistols available. Recoil is nearly non-existent in a small package. Shadow Systems hit a home run with this ultra competitive micro compact CR920P pistol.