MR920L Elite

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MR920L Elite

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The MR920L Elite is long slide version of the MR920 Elite. With the MR920L, you get the concealability of a compact frame with the long sight radius of a full size slide. The MR920L was conceived as the true answer to the question of “How do I get more capability out of my pistol and still conceal it daily?”  More Capability:  The MR920L and its shorter barrel length cousin, the MR920 Elite, both offer an incredibly high degree of mechanical accuracy.  The MR920L however makes it easier to use that mechanical accuracy with an increase in sight radius of ½”.  That may not seem like a lot, but it is more than enough to notice by an experienced shooter.  The MR920L also features significantly less upward snap than the MR920 Elite.  There was noticeably less felt recoil under test conditions using the same ammunition and the same shooter, fired consecutively.  Both of those benefits can be had in a pistol that is just as easily hidden as the MR920 Elite.

The MR920L is built on the MR920 compact frame, designed for optimal recoil control and improved ergonomic fit. The frame features interchangeable backstraps to fit your natural point of aim, a recoil control ledge, and a tapered, elongated beavertail. The MR920 frame is textured in a way that is aggressive without being uncomfortable for daily carry. The optional magwell can be added to the frame for faster reloads, making the MR920L an excellent choice for competition pistols; the MR920L is approved for use in USPSA Production, USPSA Carry Optics, IDPA Stock Service Pistol, and IDPA Carry Optic divisions.

The full length slide features directional serrations in the front, rear, and topside of the slide alongside recoil-reducing, weight-optimized window cut. The patent-pending optic cut on the MR920L allows a low, direct mount for multiple footprints to accommodate most major optic brands. The optic cut features:

  • The strongest, deepest screw placement in the industry
  • Direct optic mounting of multiple brands without intervening adapter plates
  • Extremely low optic placement permitting most optics to co-witness with typical iron sights

No past optic cut designs have combined all three of these game-changing attributes. The MR920 optic cut accommodates Trijicon RMR and SRO, Holosun 507c and 508t, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Viper, and TruGlo Tru-Tec. Because the MR920 is a Universal Optic Mount Pistol, it will likely accommodate additional brands and optics; testing for optic compatibility is still ongoing. The new system provides versatility without compromise and even exceeds the strength of past Shadow Systems mounts that had a dedicated Trijicon RMR footprint machined into the slide.


The slide and barrel are machined right here in Plano, Texas.  Barrels are 1-10″ conventionally rifled 416R stainless steel.  Our barrels are coated in super hard Bronze Titanium Carbo-nitride or Black Nitride.  Slides are machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel and coated in Nitride. The MR920L can be configured with a 4.5″ unthreaded barrel or a 5″ threaded barrel.

The MR920L unthreaded features a 4.5” barrel and corresponding length slide.  A MR920L with a threaded barrel features an additional ½” of barrel but the same slide length.  So when looking for holsters look for ones compatible with G17-length guns and don’t forget to check for compatibility with your threaded barrel. If you need assistance in looking for a compatible holster feel free to email us at

Our triggers are improved over a stock trigger, but leave internal safeties fully intact and use stock weight springs. You can expect smooth take-up and a super crisp break at 4.0-4.5 lbs.

If you have more questions about the MR920L, please contact our staff at (469) 458-6808.


THIS IS AN FFL ITEM.  After placing your order, you will be contacted by our sales group to provide FFL information.

Restrictions: By buying this item from Shadow Systems, the Customer certifies that the Customer will comply with any and all requirements imposed by applicable U.S. federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and administrative policies.



The Frame On Our MR920L Pistol

Compatible with Glock Gen4 G17 holsters, magazines, & accessories – please ensure the holster is compatible with the barrel length you’ve selected–4.5″ for unthreaded and 5″ for threaded barrels

Designed to dramatically decrease recoil and muzzle flip

Contoured to sit low in the hand

Features a double undercut trigger guard

3 interchangeable backstraps that provide backup for high, neutral, and low Natural Point of Aim

Extended beavertail prevents slide bite

Excellent grip texture on key surfaces

Included magwell extension enables quicker reload under stress

Our MR920 Elite’s Trigger

Flat-faced aluminum trigger

Includes a TTI Ultimate connector

A 4.0-4.5 lbs trigger pull

Carry safe trigger that has all drop safeties intact

This Barrel On This Pistol

It’s machined from 416R stainless steel

Conventionally rifled, around 1-10 in. — safe with lead bullets

Spiral fluting pattern for the barrel improves evacuation of debris and reduces barrel weight

Mated with our slide sets a new accuracy bar in this class of pistol

The unthreaded barrel on the MR920L is 4.5″ while the threaded barrel is 5″

The MR920L Full Length Slide

Designed for recoil control and handling under stress

Front/rear/top directional serrations for better-quality handling

Thinned slide profile at grasping locations

Recoil-reducing weight-optimized window cut

It’s machined from 17-4 stainless steel

Longer 4.5″ sight radius for faster, more accurate shots

Sights for the MR920 Combat

Metal sights with solid black rear & a high-visibility green outline tritium front

It’s nearly as bright as a fiber optic in the daytime

Glowing tritium dot gives a nighttime index point for quick, precise shots at close range

Small Parts

Includes Shadow’s modified Gen3 recoil system

Single spring system is user adjustable and manufactured from high-quality chrome silicon

Internal slide parts are built from billet stainless steel

High-reliability enhanced LCI extractor features Shadow’s proprietary geometry and material selection to improve longevity and extraction of a wide range of ammunition

Includes 2 magazines & zippered soft case

Additional information

Elite Specs

Barrel: 4 1/2" (unthreaded), 5" (threaded)
Length: 7 9/16"
Height: 4 3/4"
Weight: 1 lb 7 oz
Caliber: 9mm
Trigger: Flat-faced 4-4.5 lb Trigger Pull
Magazines: 2x 15 Round Magpul Magazines

Optics Ready

Patent pending, multi-footprint optic cut has been tested with: Trijicon RMR and SRO, Holosun 507c and 508t, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Viper, and TruGlo Tru-Tec.

Dealer Info

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