Technical Tuesday: Smooth-bore Barrel Kaboom Test

It’s Technical Tuesday, and today we’re going to do something stupid and dangerous! At Shadow, we’ve been doing our own barrels for a long while and we’ve always used a conventional cut rifling. Most of the Glock and other European barrels use that polygonal rifling, which back in the 70s was sold to us as being more accurate and having longer barrel life. Well, at Shadow, we use a conventional rifled barrel—the same kind of rifling you would find in match-grade 1911 barrels and other match-grade options. We think they are more accurate and our guns’ performance proves it.

Recently, we were talking in the shop though, and we thought, what would happen if a barrel had NO rifling. So, we actually ran a barrel that has no rifling at all. I want to see what happens. Some members of our team think we will actually hit the target, but I personally think the gun is going to blow up. I just don’t think it’s going to work.

So, I’m going to step behind a shield here and let’s see what happens when we shoot a smooth-bore barrel….

Check it out to see what happens.

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