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Frame Modification & Stippling



At long last, Shadow is offering frame modification on customer guns and frames!

Our frame modification team have this down to a science now.  That means consistent quality, fast lead time, and THE BEST PRICE YOU WILL FIND for work of this quality.

We are doing Glock Compact and Full Size Gen 2-4 now with other versions coming soon.

Single Undercut - We remove material under the trigger guard to allow the firing hand to sit higher on the gun.  This is a modification that everyone benefits from.  At $25, it is a no-brainer.

Double Undercut - Strongly recommended.  The double-undercut adds a second cut under the trigger guard for your support hand to also get high on the gun.  Most shooters love the feel and it adds a cool look to the gun.

Add Texture to Trigger Guard - Some people like texture above their support finger.  It will be on the underside of the trigger guard or inside the double undercut if you have a double undercut on your build.

Mag Scallop - For Gen2-3, the scallop adds a "ramp" for your thumb's approach to the mag release.  It makes reloads faster and adds clearance for your thumb when depressing the mag release.

Remove Finger Grooves - For Gen3-4, finger groove removal is a common modification when doing Glock work.  If you don't feel like the finger grooves fit your fingers, do it for $25.

Index Pads - We cut a low spot on the frame below the slide where your support thumb will fall (or your trigger finger when off the trigger), and then texture it.  Index pads add a tactile reference for your fingers when placing your support hand and/or managing a threat with your finger off the trigger.  The lower lip of the pocket and texture do enhance your sense of control on the pistol as your thumb rides there through recoil. NOTE: for reference the "RIGHT" side of the gun is the ejection port side.

Texture Style - Choose Traditional or Enhanced Traction for texture style.  Traditional has been in the industry for a while and is commonly seen with other manufacturers.  It is not as rough as our enhanced texture and liked by many shooters.  The Enhanced Traction texture is something we developed internally with custom tools.  It gives a little better traction than the Traditional, but is not as "rough" as it looks in pictures.  You'll find it carries well against the body and has a tremendously clean, consistent appearance.

When sending your frame or firearm, you must provide your contact info and order number on a piece of paper in the box.  If we don't receive this info, we will be forced to immediately return to sender.

Shadow Systems complies with all regulations regarding the shipping and receiving of firearms.  The ATF answers the most common questions regarding non-FFLs shipping handguns HERE.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure compliance when shipping a firearm to Shadow Systems.

Your firearm will be returned directly to you via UPS service to the address provided on your order.


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