Shadow Systems SS9C Compact 9mm Pistol (FULLY CONFIGURABLE)


Shadow Systems SS9C Compact 9mm Pistol (FULLY CONFIGURABLE)

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Compact 9mm Pistols For Sale – Glock 9mm Compact

We’re proud to offer a compact 9mm pistol that is what we believe to be the top of the line for combat Glock 19 configuration, and its at a price that is unbeatable.

Our pistol for sale is built on Glock’s most proven platform used by U.S. Special Operations – the unstoppable Gen3.

Shadow Systems’ pistols improve upon the stock Glock grip.  We begin by removing the finger grooves and creating a double undercut beneath the trigger guard. This helps the 9mm to sit as low as possible in the shooter’s hand to greatly increase controllability during rapid fire. We add a “scallop” around the magazine button to improve reload speed & add textured index pads to each side of the frame. Lastly, we apply a visually consistent texture that substantially enhances controllability without making the gun so “rough” that it is tough to carry. Choose from a traditional fine texture or a slightly more aggressive texture that we have developed in house. Both are appropriate for daily carry (not excessively sharp).

All of our compact 9mm pistol grip work is carefully done by hand & perfectly blended.  This makes it substantially more consistent and visually appealing than other grip work in the market. You will see and feel the difference in our pistol the minute you handle it.

If you are interested in our Shadow Systems SS9C Compact 9mm Pistol but need more information, contact our office at (469) 458-6808.

Our Glock 9mm Compact Features:

  • Front and rear aggressive cocking serrations
  • You get a choice of sights.  Check out our “fighting sights” for details.
  • Choose from Optics Ready, C.O.P.S, or Enhanced Carry Slides
  • Match grade barrel, conventionally rifled, 1-10 in. (safe with lead bullets)
  • Shadow Systems High-Reliability Enhanced LCI extractor
  • The compact 9mm comes with a TTI Ultimate Connector
  • Shadow Systems Elite trigger tuned to 4-4.5 lbs.
  • Factory weight springs for reliability
  • All factory safeties are kept intact
  • Finger groove removal
  • Double undercut trigger guard
  • Added front left and right indexing pads
  • Wraparound texture
  • 2x Magpul magazines
  • Shadow logo’d zippered pistol rug
  • Unbeatable Shadow Customer Service

Need more information on our custom Glocks? Contact us at (469) 458-6808.

LEAD TIME:  In general, 1-4 weeks is a good estimate, but email us at if you need something more precise before ordering. Please include the contents of your build in the email.

THIS IS AN FFL ITEM.  After placing your order, you will be asked to select an FFL. You can provide this information later if you prefer, or we can assist.

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“value”: “$1,447.00”,
“description”: “We’re proud to offer a compact 9mm pistol that is what we believe to be the top of the line for combat Glock 19 configuration, and its at a price that is unbeatable.”,
“name”: “SS9C Compact 9mm Pistol ”
“category”: “Custom Glocks”,
“alternateName”: “Shadow Systems Custom Glocks”,
“description”: “Our custom Glocks are designed for real-world use. They are not just a cosmetically enhanced stock gun. Our custom Glocks for sale are built from the ground up with our parts on the unstoppable Glock Gen3 platform.”,
“name”: “Shadow Systems”

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1 review for Shadow Systems SS9C Compact 9mm Pistol (FULLY CONFIGURABLE)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This pistol has become my go to carry gun. I have gone back and forth to approximately 5 guns in the last two years trying to find a good fit for a carry gun. I was always interested in a Zev Glock, but the price does not make sense. When I can across the value of the Shadow Systems, I fell in love. I have roughly 3k rounds through mine without a single issue. I carry it everyday. I work construction and my pistols go through the ringer on a daily basis. Recently I was changing the battery on my slide mounted RMR and lost one of the mounting screws. None of my on hand screws fit this thread pattern and I knew it would be a nightmare to find another. I emailed Shadow Systems in hopes of buying a few sets from them and they are shooting me some screws for free. Talk about customer service. 10/10 would recommend and now 2 of my buddies carry them also.

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