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MR920 Combat

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The MR920 Combat is a no-nonsense tactical pistol with features that have historically been reserved for custom guns.

The compact-sized MR920 Combat took its inspiration from its predecessor, the MR918 Combat. The DNA of the pistol is the same as the MR918, but there have been some significant changes to the features and function which make this pistol work for more people. The features and price point of the MR920 Combat model make it the perfect EDC pistol.

The MR918’s frameset a new benchmark for low recoil and controllability in rapid-fire.  The MR920 draws many of its design cues from the MR918, but the dust cover now includes a recoil control ledge for the support hand thumb.  This control point further reduces muzzle flip in rapid-fire.  The frame of the MR920 continues to feature the NPOA backstrap system which adjusts the ANGLE of the backstrap to match the shooter’s natural point of aim.  The pistol system includes three backstraps, a removable magazine well, and a backstrap removal tool for your convenience.

Our frame is a ground-up Shadow Systems design, not a rebrand of another frame already on the market.  Our tooling uses new technology to wrap more texture around the curves of the frame and put the grip in places not normally seen on production guns.

The slide and barrel are machined in-house in Plano, TX.  Barrels are 1-10″ conventionally rifled 416R stainless steel.  Our barrels are coated in super hard Bronze Titanium Carbo-nitride or Black Nitride.  Slides are machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel and coated in Nitride.

Slides feature front and rear directional serrations.  These serrations provide excellent traction when manipulating the slide, but are relatively frictionless when drawing the pistol from a holster.  The MR920 features deeply recessed front serrations and corner chamfers.  This thinned front profile gives greater control and reduces the difficulty of inserting the pistol into a holster, particularly a partially collapsed IWB holster.

Our pistols are built for reliability and performance first.  Our triggers are improved over a stock trigger, but leave internal safeties fully intact and use stock weight springs.  You can expect smooth take-up and a super crisp break at 4.0-4.5 lbs.

To get detailed specs on this 9mm pistol perfect for every day carry, keep reading. If you’re ready to buy, but still not sure whether to choose the Combat or Elite? Contact our staff at (469) 458-6808.


THIS IS AN FFL ITEM.  After placing your order, you will be contacted by our sales group to provide FFL information.

Restrictions: By buying this item from Shadow Systems, the Customer certifies that the Customer will comply with any and all requirements imposed by applicable U.S. federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and administrative policies.



The Frame On Our Online Multiple Role Pistol

Compatible with Glock Gen4 G19 holsters, magazines, & accessories

Designed to dramatically decrease recoil and muzzle flip

Contoured to sit low in the hand

Features a double undercut trigger guard

3 interchangeable backstraps that provide backup for high, neutral, and low Natural Point of Aim

Extended beavertail prevents slide bite

Excellent grip texture on key surfaces

Included magwell extension enables quicker reload under stress

Our MR920 Combat’s Trigger

Flat-faced aluminum trigger

Includes a 3.5 lbs connector

A 4.0-4.5 lbs trigger pull

Gently reduced take-up

Carry safe trigger that has all drop safeties intact

This Barrel On This Pistol

It’s machined from 416R stainless steel

Conventionally rifled, around 1-10 in. — safe with lead bullets

Spiral fluting pattern for the barrel improves evacuation of debris and reduces barrel weight

Mated with our slide sets a new accuracy bar in this class of pistol

The Multi-Role Pistol Slide

Designed for recoil control and handling under stress

Front/rear directional serrations for better-quality handling

Thinned slide profile at grasping locations

It’s machined from 17-4 stainless steel

Configure with dovetail sights or with the new patent pending optic cut

Sights for the MR920 Combat

Metal sights with solid black rear & a high-visibility green outline tritium front

It’s nearly as bright as a fiber optic in the daytime

Glowing tritium dot gives a nighttime index point for quick, precise shots at close range

Small Parts

Includes Shadow’s modified Gen3 recoil system

Single spring system is user adjustable and manufactured from high-quality chrome silicon

Internal slide parts are built from billet stainless steel

High-reliability enhanced LCI extractor features Shadow’s proprietary geometry and material selection to improve longevity and extraction of a wide range of ammunition

Includes 2 magazines & zippered soft case

Additional information

Combat Specs

Barrel: 4" (unthreaded)
Length: 7 1/8"
Height: 4 3/4"
Weight: 1 lb 5.3 oz
Caliber: 9mm
Trigger: Flat-faced 4-4.5 lb Trigger Pull
Magazines: 2x 15 Round Magpul Magazines

Optics Ready

Patent pending, multi-footprint optic cut has been tested with: Trijicon RMR and SRO, Holosun 507c and 508t, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Viper, and TruGlo Tru-Tec.

Dealer Info

Dealers, please contact for pricing and to order.

8 reviews for MR920 Combat

  1. Thadiusmaximus

    What if you could find a company who had unparalleled product quality, performance, durability and commitment to customer service?
    What if you could find a company who was genuinely interested in continually improving their products and therefore listens to their customers?
    Based on a few phone calls and without ever seeing or placing one of their products into my hands, I listened to my gut and I took a leap of faith in the people I had spoken to over the phone and I have not been disappointed with my MR920 or the level of commitment and professionalism at S.S.. I know for some who may read this that my initial comments may seem slightly exaggerated or hyped up but it is all true. The MR920’s feature set combined with the only universal optic mount along with being compatible with the greatest number of holster and compact pistol light options on the market make this the best all around self defense, conceal carry option available in my opinion. You no longer have to sacrifice a feature or an option you want for your personal defensive weapon because S.S. products deliver on every level and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Slater M

    I work at a gun store that carried the MR918 and wasn’t sold on it until I had two average Joe customers come in and say that they loved it and will not carry another pistol again. After that I decided to buy the MR920 because the MR918s were impossible to get. I shot 1000+ rounds through mine in the month that I owned it and I can’t give the pistol enough credit. It was the pistol I carried and want to carry again. I recently traded some their MR918 for my MR920 because I want to have both.

  3. Bob A

    Love the new mr920, purchased early this year. I owned 3 Glock 9mm pistols over the last 20 years, all gone the last one traded for the sig p320 compact. The 320 was good but I just couldn’t get there with it. I traded in the sig for the mr920 NOW I’m in love 😍 this gun is beyond all I could have imagined in a striker fired pistol, an absolute KEEPER.
    Thanks guys for giving us the best pistol that I ever experienced. FIVE STARS
    Sincerely, Bob from western Pa

  4. Todd

    I ordered the MR920 and was surprised that the optics mounting system was missing … okay, reading through the instructions, something I never do, I guess there are two versions.

    One of the reasons that I bought the pistol was for that optics mounting system, now I am stuck with a standard rear sight version.

    I really think you need to call this out better, yeah the information is there and noticeable once you know there are two version, but if like me you just watch the youtube videos you will walk away thinking that you are getting the optics milled version since it’s talked about so much, I ordered the weapon online and did not even occur to me that it was optional.

    Pistol feels nice in the hand, trigger pull feels good, haven’t shot it yet and probably won’t, I guess I can probably sell it on gun broker.

  5. Scott Meador

    The MR920 is unbelievably accurate and is by far the flattest shooting polymer pistol I have ever shot. That in itself deserves a five star rating, however, the customer service makes me wish I could rate it even higher. I did have a minor issue and I do mean MINOR. I have never seen a company willing and even eager to do whatever it took to make sure the customer was happy. This company is unbelievable and they now have a customer for life. These guys are far and away the absolute best gun company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They are not just what a gun company should be, but what all companies should strive to be.

  6. Jordan

    I bought the MR920 Combat on a whim while browsing a local shop. I haven’t heard of Shadow Systems before but really liked the overall feel and look. I’ve been in the market for a 9mm Glock for some time. I have a CMMG Banshee in 9mm and wanted a sidearm that was compatable with ammo and magazines. I’ve owned Glock’s (non 9mm), Beretta’s, Ruger’s, Taurus’s, FN’s, Walther’s, Springfield’s. And have shot CZ’s, SIG’s and many other brands and models. This is one of the best handguns I’ve had the pleasure to own and shoot. My new favorite! Extremely manageable recoil and very accurate. Out of the box for a striker fire pistol it has the best trigger reset and break I’ve ever felt. This is what Glock should be. Extremely impressed and happy with my new favorite handgun. Bought this knowing nothing about Shadow Systems and am now a huge fan, they’ll get more of my business in the future!

  7. Joe Taylor

    Being a gun range manager and firearm instructor I have had the liberty of shooting many pistols of all shapes and sizes but I must say the Shadow Systems MR920 is one of the best pistols I have ever shot before. The guys up there really know what they are doing with this pistol. From the exchangeable backstrap to the Pat pending optic mounting system this gun really is top notch. I ordered one for myself to try out and I cant get enough of it. I have shot over 1,000 rounds through my MR920 with zero issues and I will be carrying these pistols in my stores from now on. Thanks for all your hard work Shadow Systems Team!

  8. Shiro the Hiro

    To quickly address the one star review previously left – it’s a crap thing to publicly knock a companies product because of your own stupidity and self professed lack of reading skills. (And comprehension, apparently).
    Now, to address the 920 – I bought mine on a whim while on a trip to Scheels to get my pup his favorite snacks. I always wander through the guns to see if something is new and before I knew it, my guy, ‘Jake’ was pulling this out of the case for me to see. The second I grabbed it I sorta gasped since it did NOT feel like the 2×4 G19 we all know so well. This felt great! And the trigger is ideal – it’s wall–>break. No ‘slide’ off, no creep or spongy release, but a great wall followed by a firm break. I love the front serration ‘pocket’ – reminds me of the Archon Stryk B, which I love a natural recess for your hand to find when racking or checking.
    When you take the gun down, you definitely see attention to detail with the internals and it’s definitely not a quickie Glock clone with a lone wolf, remachined slide and a P80 derivative grip. This is for real. This was an incredible impulse buy. I’m excited to see what else SS comes up with.

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