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Multi Role Lightweight 9mm – MR918 Elite – Shadow Systems

Meet the MR918 Elite.  This is our top of the line lightweight pistol that incorporates everything we know about pistol design.

The MR918 name comes from the idea of creating a true “multi-role” 9mm pistol.  The size and operating system are inspired by the Glock Gen4 G19 model, but many aspects have been completely redesigned.

The frame has been in development for two years and is 100% a Shadow System design, not a rebrand of another frame already in the market.  The frame makes use of new manufacturing techniques to wrap more texture around the curves of the frame and put grip texture in places not normally seen on production guns.

If you have questions about our MR918 Elite or are considering the Multiple Role Combat, call us at (469) 458-6808.


LEAD TIME: New orders will ship approximately 4-6 weeks from Order Date. If you need more information before making the purchase, contact our team at (469) 458-6808.


THIS IS AN FFL ITEM.  After placing your order, you will be contacted by our sales group to provide FFL information.

Restrictions: By buying this item from Shadow Systems, the Customer certifies that the Customer will comply with any and all requirements imposed by applicable U.S. federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and administrative policies.



Our Multi-Role 9mm Frame

Compatible with existing Glock Gen4 G19 holsters, magazines, and accessories

Designed to dramatically reduce recoil and muzzle flip

Contoured frame sits low in the hand

Features double undercut trigger guard

3 interchangeable backstraps supporting high, neutral, and low Natural Point of Aim

Gently extended beavertail prevents slide bite

Aggressive grip texture on key surfaces

Included magwell extension enables faster reload under stress

The Trigger for Our Multi-Role Pistol

Flat-faced polymer trigger

TTI Ultimate connector

4-4.5 lbs trigger pull

Slightly reduced take-up

Carry safe trigger with all drop safeties intact

The MR918 Elite BARREL

Machined from 416R stainless steel

Conventionally rifled, 1-10 in. — safe with lead bullets

Spiral fluting pattern improves evacuation of debris and reduces barrel weight, making the multi-role 9mm ultra lightweight.

Mated with our slide, the barrel sets a new accuracy bar in this class of pistol

The Multiple Role MR918 Elite Slide

Specially engineered window cut reduces weight slightly for optimal recoil impulse and fast sight recovery

Designed for recoil control and manipulation under stress

Front/rear directional serrations for improved handling

Top serrations

Thinned slide profile at grasping locations

Machined from 17-4 stainless steel

Available with a Trijicon RMR/Holosun pattern optic cut

The MR918 Elite Sights

Metal sights with solid black rear and a high-visibility green outline tritium front

Nearly as bright as a fiber optic in the daytime

Glowing tritium dot gives a nighttime index point for quick, accurate shots at close range

Optic ready slides feature a lower 1/3 co-witness

The Small Parts for the Multi-Role Lightweight 9mm

Includes Shadow’s modified Gen3 recoil system

Single spring system is user adjustable and manufactured from high-quality chrome silicon

Internal slide parts are machined from billet stainless steel

High-reliability enhanced LCI extractor features Shadow’s proprietary geometry and material selection to enhance longevity and extraction of a wide range of ammunition

Includes two magazines and zippered soft case

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Additional information

Elite Specs

Barrel: 4" (unthreaded), 4 1/2" (threaded)
Length: 7 1/8"
Height: 4 3/4"
Weight: 1 lb 4.5 oz
Caliber: 9mm
Trigger: Flat-faced 4-4.5 lb Trigger Pull
Magazines: 2x 15 Round Magpul Magazines

Optics Ready

Trijicon RMR/Holosun pattern optic cut

Dealer Info

Dealers, please contact for pricing and to order.

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MR918 Elite, Optic Cut DLC, Spiral Threaded Bronze:

16 reviews for MR918 Elite

  1. Shawn Coddington

    I was not leaving the store without this pistol, it was sitting next to a $ 2,000 ZEV when it caught my eye. It is a BMF to the eye. I asked the gent to hand it to me and the second thing I appreciated was how light this pistol is. I own a 17 gen 3 and my CZ’s were my favorites yesterday. Slide rides low like a CZ. It is light enough with full mag you might forget it is there. Came with cardboard box, pistol bag, locks, extra mag, sticker, spare backstraps, Allen wrench, and probably other stuff that I have not checked out because I cant quit looking at the pistol. I am giving this pistol 5 stars without even shooting it yet because of the workmanship, looks, and weight. They have put art in the industry with this one, Its what we have been waiting for and I will review it again after I run it.

  2. Michael Phillips

    Bought this on a whim while at cabelas. Feels good in my hand, switch the original back strap to the lower point of aim as I am a 1911 shooter. Tolerances are tight and I would definitely at least put 500 rounds through as a break in. Only thing I am disappointed in the soft pistol case was just a generic one and not the cool ones with the shadow systems logo on it. Can’t wait to put a holosun 507 on it as it will be my first pistol with a red dot on it.

  3. Bo Sabrowsky

    My new MR918 Elite is a fantastic pistol, exactly as advertised. Lots of new guns “feel good in the hand” when in the store, but that means very little in the absence of actually shooting the firearm and putting it through its paces. I am a firearms instructor for both LE and civilians and I have well over 100,000 rounds thru my previous custom Glocks. I have been running Trijicon RMRs, DeltaPoints, and DeltaPoint Pros for over 8 years and recently added the new Holosun 507C to the mix, so I know a little bit about what constitutes a top tier pistol, and what it needs to be able to deliver if you’re going to run it hard. In this pistol, you have delivered the flattest recoil impulse I have ever shot. The top-flight milled slide gives me the lowest footprint I have ever seen, and the ability to cowitness my red dots with conventional height iron sights is actually a pretty big freaking deal – the sight picture is considerably less cluttered which is a big win for anyone running red dots. This is such a high quality, reasonably priced pistol, and I was fortunate to have found one at Bass Pro, here in Cincinnati last week – I’ve already put 500 rounds thru it in 5 days. I have an SRO Trijicon ordered, with an estimated delivery date in early June, so I’m eager to mate it to my MR918 Elite, and see how things work out with that combination – I have no doubt it will be a winner.

  4. Wolverine

    Great gun!!!

  5. Mark Daigle (verified owner)

    Had handled the pistol in a Cableas. Ordered through Shadow Systems. Pistol arrived in 5 weeks. Very comfortable in the hand, good trigger,very accurate in speed drills and at distance. Fit and finish very good. As reliable as any Glock once broken in. I’m very happy. Great pistol.

  6. Dave Rockman

    I LOVE THIS GUN! I’ve been eyeing them up for awhile now and while on vacation up north for the 4th of July I stopped at Hodag Gun and Loan and they happened to have one in stock. Unfortunately it wasn’t the rmr ready model just the non rmr elite slide but I had to have it either way after seeing it in person and feeling how good it fits my hands and how good it points and aims for me. The trigger is awesome it feels a lot like a gen 5 trigger to me in the way it pulls and breaks which I prefer because I’m very accurate with my gen 5 glocks. Took the MR918 to the range this week and shot 200 rounds of aguila 124 grain fmj to break it in and all I can say is AMAZING! This is the flattest shooting polymer striker fired pistol I have ever shot! It stays so flat and tracks so good I was seriously impressed. I have a few Glocks with zev dragonfly slides and the recoil impulse on the MR918 is way better. For the price Shadow Systems cannot be beat!! Only thing I would do differently is I would have bought the rmr ready model but I guess I’ll just have to buy another one!

  7. Adam

    Awesome gun. Love everything about it. Awesome customer service too

  8. SCOTT

    Lightweight ,flat shooting and excellent ergonomics. My first trip to the range with it, I shot the tightest groups I’ve ever shot with a striker fire pistol. I usually run CZ pistols DA/SA , but I am thoroughly impressed by the MR819 Elite. Great pistol

  9. David koenig

    Top notch . I never owned a better pistol.

  10. Nicholas Cosmany

    I saw the gun, MR918 Elite, read about it and then decided to pick it up. Locked back slide, loaded magazine, released slide, and FTF. The round would not chamber. tried another magazine… Same thing.
    Cleared jam, and cycled slide a few times and then it loaded the round. Shot about 150 rounds through it and I was impressed with the lack of recoil. It FTF two other times but the experience was still good. Wife liked it better than her 17 and SiG P320C.
    Took it home cleaned it well, polished the feed ramp, and tested it for chambering. Seems fine now. Will take it to the range once my RMR red dot arrives. Overall worth the money!

  11. GVnet

    I have been using Shadow Systems parts to upgrade my Glocks for some time. Their parts were always second to none. I have spent litterally thousands of dollars upgrading G19s and they always gave me a home made feeling. When, I saw the launch of the MR918 I thought it was another G19, but I was so wrong. This gun takes a proven formula and takes it to a level higher than anything else on the market. Even the very high end custom glocks do not hold a candle against this gun. The MR918 lower/frame is amazing. It has every feature (stippling, no finger grooves, undercut trigger guard, etc), but it just feels and looks so high quality. It is the highest quality polymer grame I have ever felt…and I have an extensive collection of all brands. The internal components are all billet (trigger, extractor, firing pin, trigger, etc)… Not MIM or stamped. The trigger is not competition style like a 1911…. this is a carry/duty trigger. It is very nice, but not to the point that it becomes unsafe. some triggers out there are way too light for carry. You will be amazed how this thing shoots….FLAAAAAAT.. I could not believe it. I compared my my custom Glocks or stock ones and this one is just feels natural, effortless. You take a stock Glock, add a threaded barrel, slide work, high end sights, stippling, rmr cut, plate cover, flat trigger, billet firing pin, etc and you will be well over $1,500. my former carry gun (based on Zev) cost me over $2,000 3 years ago. So, for under $1,000 you get top of the line, feature packed and with reliability of a production gun…believe me…it is a great deal. This is not a $1,000 dollar glock…this is simply the best polymer gun at any price. on top of all that, this gun is made in Texas by a great company that is made of good people who care and take pride on giving you the very best. Made in America, by Americans. I wish Shadow Systems great success. I bought mine at Bass Pro.

  12. capt7d103

    So far AAA+++, waiting on HoloSun 507-c to complete her. 1911 back plate & funnel make this pistol fit my hand like it was custom built for me. 500+ rounds, various ammo, blowup and carry stuff, not one failure and no cleaning… Every round goes where I placed it. Just wish these were available when I was active duty LEO… Thank you for producing such a great defense pistol!

  13. Darrin Tune

    Just bought the Shadow systems MR918 Elite with a threaded barrel. I bought it because it fit my hand very nicely and it is a nice and lite gun for carry. After my first range session of approximately 300 rounds I am truly impressed. Like most folks before me have mentioned, the recoil is nice and the muzzle flip is very minimal. No malfunctions, and I shot the center out of the target in no time. Another HUGE factor for me is the Outstanding customer service they have. The guys are super cool, Richie, and Chad. They are outstanding guys. Love the gun, it’s only like 28.85 ounces with 15 rounds in the magazine. It is now by far my go to carry gun. Great job Shadow systems. I’m not a Glock fan at all, and this is different enough that I love it. I have big hands and it fits me perfectly.

  14. Todd Baker

    My go to carry gun. The Kimber Ultra will be sitting at the house. The Shadow Elite with a Trijicon red dot is lite weight and incredibly accurate. Over 2000 rounds through it and not one jam or issue. Well worth the cost! Thanks guys, one amazing gun.

  15. K9 cop

    I carry this weapon on duty daily as a Police Officer in Texas. I run the rmr type 2 6.5. Couldn’t ask for a better duty pistol. Has been extremely reliable in terrible training conditions and has shot flawlessly. Extremely accurate and shoots very flat when making follow up shots. Fantastic weapon and a solid LE discount. I don’t plan on carrying anything else in my career unless I get forced to do so. The customer service from shadow systems was 2nd to none.

  16. Louis Lawrence

    Bought this from Cabelas. I was expecting a very high quality gun. I don’t see where this is any different from a glock at half the price. Trigger pull is no different than my glock. Accuracy is no different than glock. Yeah it’s lighter than glock but not worth twice the price. If I could I would return for refund. The only benefit i got was threaded barrel. I would not recommend to a friend. Sorry i bought it.

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