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P80 Fit Issues

We are commonly asked about fit issues with our slides on P80 frames.  We think highly of the P80 frame and enjoy building them, but we have also seen fairly large variances in P80 frame rails from one frame to the next.  Some will go together with very minimal fitting, others require substantial fitting of both the front and rear rails.  It is worth noting that we have never heard of a slide fit issue on a factory Glock frame.

As the builder, your goal is to remove enough material from both the front and rear rails to ensure smooth movement of the slide THROUGHOUT ITS TRAVEL.  If the slide sticks or binds when pulled to the rear, there is more material to be removed.  How you remove material is up to you, but we recommend using hand tools to ensure you don't overdo it.  A stone or flat file works well to start and then finish with progressively finer grits of sand paper until you are satisfied with the surface finish (typically at LEAST 400 grit).

Front rails stoned down and highly polished.

Rear rails stoned, tapered, and polished.

We realize you want to be conservative when removing material from your frame, but in the vast majority of cases where fit issues persist, the solution is simply to remove more material.  Marking your rails with a sharpie and cycling the slide can help you see where the issue is.  Once you have polished and adjusted the fit of your frame rails, you will have an accurate and reliable handgun. 


What finish should I get?

We are fortunate to live in a time when there are many good firearm finishes exhibiting awesome corrosion and wear resistance.  We offer three primary finishes although cerakote can be ordered as a custom option.  Here's what you need to know:

TiN: Titanium Nitride is great looking gold finish that was used to keep cutting tools sharp long before making its way into firearms. Some people are puzzled by the gold barrel thing, but it is not just a fashion statement.  TiN is super hard and incredibly smooth, again lowering the friction between the frame and the slide.  The fact that it adds a cool accent color and looks great is a happy coincidence.  Just don't forget it was chosen for barrels originally because of its material properties, not its looks!

Nitride: Nitriding is a process that converts the surface of the steel to a super-hard, corrosion resistant finish that is black in color.  Many companies have proprietary names for this salt-bath nitriding process (Tenifer and Melonite to name a few), but they are generally the same.  We offer Nitriding because it is popular in the firearms industry and has some very good qualities.

DLC: DLC is probably our favorite finish.  The letters stand for "diamond like carbon," a name which comes from the process of using carbon to form a super thin, hard, smooth layer on the surface of the metal.  DLC is really good looking and has a very low coefficient of friction, reducing the friction when cycling the slide.  In our rudimentary tests, it also had better rust prevention than Nitride.  

 Flutes?  Dimples?  Why?

Yes, we know guns were reliable and accurate before people machined flutes and dimples on them!  However, there are a few advantages to fluted and dimpled barrels.  Probably the most important impact is that they give debris a place to go when your slide is cycling, enhancing reliability.  They also tend to "hold" lubricant, keeping your slide lubricated a little longer and distributing it evenly.  Lesser impacts include: better barrel rigidity (flutes), better cooling, and weight reduction.  Oh, and did we mention they look cool?  What's not to like?  




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