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New Shooters Series: Grip and Trigger

With 2 million first-time gun owners joining the shooting community in the first half of this year, we have asked our Team Shadow to create a series of introductory videos for new shooters. The first of this series was an introduction to safety with our CEO, Trevor Roe–you can watch that video here.

In this video, Grand Master shooter Quinn Cunninham will walk you through mastering your shooting grip and perfecting the trigger pull.

Quinn has been a member of Team Shadow since early 2019. Quinn is a Colorado P.O.ST. Firearms Subject Matter Expert Committee Member, an NRA Certified Instructor in Handgun, Tactical Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Precision Rifle, and Select Fire disciplines. He is a Shoothouse Instructor, Interactive Force on Force Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, holds numerous Armorer Certifications and is an accomplished competitive shooter. He is classified as a Master in the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation and holds a Grand Master class classification in the USPSA Production division. Quinn is also a certified firearms instructor through the Department of Homeland Security (FLETC) and holds its highest honor of Distinguished Weapons Expert. Learn more from Quinn at fortitudetrainingconcepts.com

2 Replies to “New Shooters Series: Grip and Trigger”

  1. Michael Naglie says:

    Great article thanks! Currently have a Glock 19x as I have wide hands and long fingers; any chance of making taller frames in future? I really like the thought and work you all have put into your MR920.
    Keep up the innovation!!!

    1. Jessica Roe says:

      Hi Michael, we are working on a full size frame that will be released later this year!

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