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Make the Best, Better

Premium Parts & Upgrades

American-made parts for your MR918/MR920

Superior Fit and Finish

Our precision parts are designed for the MR918/MR920 and compatible with Glock and P80.

Shadow Systems offers custom parts and accessories for your MR918/MR920. The MR918/MR920 has been built to the tightest tolerances with premium materials, each part is designed to fit perfectly together to provide the most accurate and reliable production pistol on the market.

Shadow Systems parts are also compatible with the Glock platform. Use Shadow Systems parts to complete a pistol upgrade to your existing Glock or pair Shadow Systems parts with your 80% frame to finish your home build. The engineering behind our custom parts and accessories comes from our team’s history as combat veterans, law enforcement officers, and competitive shooters. We’ve created the parts and upgrades that we always wanted for our guns, whether for duty or daily carry, and everything in between.

Barrels and Slides

MR918/MR920 Barrels are machined right here in the United States from 416R Stainless Steel and coated in industrial-grade Titanium CarboNitride and Diamond-Like Carbon finishes. We have options for unthreaded and threaded, along with elongated 106mm length barrels to comply with Canadian gun laws. The MR918 barrels are also compatible for use in Glock upgrades and P80 builds.

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The Shadow Systems Elite Trigger was designed to incorporate the best characteristics of a premium flat-faced trigger in a no-nonsense design that is ready for daily carry and hard-use duty. This trigger will improve the shootability of the gun under stress without sacrificing safety and common sense.

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Small Parts

Shadow Systems internals are built to specifications that equal or exceed OEM components. For example, our firing pins, depressor plungers, and firing pin safeties are cut from solid 17-4 stainless steel, not MIM’d.

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Completion Kits

Shadow Systems offers completion kits for both the slide and the frame using our upgraded parts.

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